• Anonymous

    Per usual, 2NE1 came to the red carpet dressed very… uniquely. I love whatever they wear because I feel like they can pull anything off, but I wasn’t a huge fan of these outfits. I did love Bom’s outfit though. I thought she looked unique, sexy, mature, but also very cute(?) for lack of a better word. I would’ve like Dara’s whole ensemble better if they had kept her hair from the pre-show press conference. That hair was funky, her upside down pony tail borders on just tacky. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love that she has the guts to wear her hair like that and it would’ve been totally fine if she’d worn it like that just for the performance. I wish she hadn’t worn it like that on the red carpet. Nonetheless, she worked it. They all did.

    I found everyone else a little boring. They wore the usual – black suits, long flowly dresses either in black or white, or tiny tiny mini dresses. I thought Oh La La was really interesting too. I love that they have so much personality.

    BEAST looked a little dull. And I can’t get over Junghyun. Everytime I see him, I’m reminded of GD and it kind of gets on my nerves. I’m not saying he’s purposely trying to copy GD or anything, but damn… definite similarities in swag there. Which isn’t good. Your swag should be your own; it should be original.

    A Pink, I really hope your stylists puts you in more mature outfits soon.

    And SNSD just looked so… gaudy. I understand that they’re suppose to be ‘goddesses’ or whatever, but having that many prom dresses on the red carpet at the same time just looked so tacky. And I agree about the short hemline in the front and overly lavish trains. What the hell is the point of that? I get it, you guys have nice legs, but you CAN put them away once in a while. Yuri, Sooyoung, Tiffany, and Yoona just looked … tacky. You can do the whole goddess thing while still looking mature. (see: Shiyeon and Seohyeon).

    And just a suggestion, maybe they should have spent an hour or two more rehearsing and working on their performance instead of spending so long on their hair and make up…. just saying.

    • http://twitter.com/ovenfreshhhhh ovenfreshhhhh ☆

      Tbh, SNSD looked like they were going to a prom instead of an awards ceremony. Their dresses were pretty but, like you said, kinda gaudy.

      • thunderandsmoke

        yeah I feel like the gaudiness and all the flourishes were a bit much All the twisting and the trains of their dresses were overdone, too much like prom queen dresses. But I thought Jessica looked sexy. Everyone is ragging on her because she went to VS and got a Miraculous Push Up Bra, but to me the MAMAs kind of seem like the MTV Video Music Awards, and out of all of SNSD, her, Hyoyeon, and Sunny looked the best. This awards show is supposed to have a young and sexy feel right?  Those 3 dresses particular dresses did just that. All of SNSD’s makeup & hair was really wonderful though, but it better be since it took hours to do (*wasted performance practice time*)…

  • Johnny

    Did you guys notice Seohyun kept her hand to cover her cleavage the whole time they was on the red carpet. Homegirl was wayyy uncomfortable with that lol. Meanwhile they really gave Jessica a big push up bra ahaha

    • lol

      jessica was clearly wearing like 5 push up bras lmao. they looked so unnatural

  • Nabeela

    i actually liked SNSD’s outfits the best…too bad their performance that night was one of the worst

  • Anonymous

    Siwon, burn that jacket please. And as for SNSD… I don’t like that outfit either. Perhaps it’s because I always associate red carpet event with classy stuffs. And I don’t find their glittery/sparkly theme that night as classy. I want to see more mature style on them, especially for red carpet.

    AZIATIX looked so fine. My favorite group outfits. As for the actress/actor: Song Joong-ki and Nam Gyu Ri for me.

    2NE1, still not liking Dara’s hairstyle. Bom looked fabolous.

    • Anonymous

      I wish Bom wore a different shirt, but she did work that outfit! Girl gots swagoo.

  • happyslip

    I hated the clothes 2ne1 wore the first time I saw it lol. By the end of the show I decided that I just didn’t like it — good thing their performance was able to make me forget their red carpet arrival haha!

    I liked Koda Kumi’s the most. She looked really gorgeous!

  • jyyjc

    I don’t know why you had to pick on SNSD for showing off their legs, I mean this isn’t an event like the oscars where every female celeb has to wear classy floor length gowns. I actually think this is one of their best red carpet looks as it’s not so matchy matchy like how they use to show up for past music awards. There was one event in the past where they showed up wearing all white cocktail dresses like Apink there, in fact, I think some of the snsd girls did wear some of the dresses the Apink girls are wearing. I watched snsd’s red carpet video and I must say, taeyeon looked the best, upon closer look at her dress, the top half was gorgeous with the jewels intertwining with the fabric creating the off-the-shoulder look of the dress. Sunny, jessica,and hyoyeon’s dresses were also very pretty.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not annoyed by the dresses, just the ones with a long back and short front. I find those sort of dresses to be tacky. I thought SNSD’s dresses were pretty but gaudy.

    • Anonymous

      This is one of the best looks for SNSD…Yeah Right!!! Do you need glasses..there was nothing classy or cute about their outfits. Those dresses looked like something Barbie would wear. Now Koda Kumi and Park Siyeon looked fabulous.

  • http://twitter.com/ovenfreshhhhh ovenfreshhhhh ☆

    I actually really liked Dara’s outfit, sans the hairdo. -_-;; (Wtf was that? It looked like a fucking broom.) But it’s the type of outfit that only someone with her body type could pull off.

    Favorite outfit of the night: Eddie Shin. 
    Least favorite outfit of the night: Seohyun, purely because she looked so uncomfortable wearing it.
    Most hilarious outfit of the night: Kim Min Hee.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, a broom. ):

    • Anonymous

      Lol a broom? I thought it looked like a little ball of fire! And I agree with your choices :) . I thought Seohyun looked pretty in that dress, but as you and other pointed out, she’s very uncomfortable.

      • http://twitter.com/ovenfreshhhhh ovenfreshhhhh ☆

        Yeah… I mean, if Seohyun was smiling while wearing the dress then I would’ve appreciated the overall look more. The most important thing about fashion is owning and enjoying what you’re wearing whether you’re wearing a meat dress or a gorgeous evening gown. :|

        I meant this broom: http://images.liveinthephilippines.com/content/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/silhig.jpg LOL. My Filipino grandmother used this a lot around the house so I was immediately reminded of it when I saw Dara’s hair. XD

  • -_-

    It’s Ryeowook, not Ryewook. Do you have something against him for calling Eunhyuk ugly or something?

    • nhoki

      she didn’t say he was ugly, on the contrary… “Excuse me, but why is Eunhyuk the “least attractive”? He looks damn fine to me.” 
      she said that because during a Strong heart episode, all the members agree that he was the least attractive. which is, in my opinion, nonsense 

      • Anonymous

        Thanks. -_-, sorry about the typo! But I meant that Eunhyuk looked amazing. I find him attractive, especially in that picture. And the personal mini-party he had all night made me love him more lol.

  • Anonymous

    SNSD’s dresses remind me of the dresses me and my friends avoid when we go dress shopping. I’m not a fan of over-sequenced. They never add a wow factor for me unless they’re real jewels, if not they just scream dollar store rhinestones.
    Kim Soohyun can wear a paper bag and i’ll take him :] (i’m partial like that, c:)
    I actually like Ooh La La Session’s outfits, it at least didn’t look like they threw anything on. *cough* Dr. Dre. I’m sure Snopp Dogg coordinated his colors very carefully, plus mans got mad pig tails XD.
    Siwon, burn it.
    AZIATIX can do no wrong, especially the guy in the middle. YUM.
    2NE1, the only outfit I find atrocious is Dara’s coat, girl’s coat looks like it needs a trim and even gravity did not want to deal with her hair. Bom could have cleaned up a bit with that skirt, the tear is not helping it.
    Lols i’m going off. I should go sleep instead of critiquing clothes i probably can’t afford D’:

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

    As for 2NE1, SNSD and Super Junior, I think they all looked nice.  From watching western music award shows, my mindset is that these aren’t stiff events.  You come dressed in whatever makes you comfortable or whatever makes a statement or whatever will make you standout.  That’s how you differentiate it from other celebrity events which are oftentimes formal. The three big winners looked like they were ready to have fun with their clothes.  If they actually did is of course another story.

    • http://twitter.com/AuNaturale_Yau MzChungai

      Lol…u’re so right on Minzy, Hyoyeon and Eunhyuk.  After seeing one fancam on how they were rocking to BEP & CL’s perf. I went in search for more fancams. They were such a delight to watch compared to some performances that night.

  • Anonymous

    out of all the outfits, i like koda the most.

    • Anonymous

      Lol so true about Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and will.i.am!

      • http://www.kfashionista.com Jessie

        Hey!  I’m pretty sure Snoop has rocked some pimp suits in his time :D  as for Dr. Dre, I probably would have fallen over if he dressed up!!

        • Anonymous

          If Snoop Dogg came to the event pimpin’ it… I would’ve been so happy Lol

  • http://twitter.com/AuNaturale_Yau MzChungai

    My favorite red carpet looks were Yoon Eun Hye and Park Si Yeon. Their look had the right amount of classy & fun look. They weren’t too formal, which is a look I expect for such an event. Coming close second was Seo In Young (she is just a fashionista). I didn’t like Kim Min Hee’s and Nam Gyuri was too formal for such an event.
    For the Men, Aziatix looked the best for the same reasons I loved YEH & Siyeon’s looks.
    Among all the girl groups, I preferred 2NE1’s look and it was not one I loved. I wished they had kept Dara’s earlier  press conference hair (i loved it) and ditched that coat. Bom looked gorgeous. CL’s jacket was a bit big on her frame and her hairstyle is getting old and should be tossed. I saw the back view of Minzy’s jacket and I loved it. Her blue hair is not bad, just not styled right. It seems like their stylists have  somehow lost the creativity they once had.
    Miss A would have been the best for me, but there was not much individuality in their looks and I really disliked Fei’s look. Jia looked really good and Suzy/Min’s looks were plain.
    SNSD looked too prom-ish and Apink’s look was just boring. 

  • irene

    While I feel like SNSD’s stylist was going for a stylish and elegant look, I couldn’t help but feel that it did the exact opposite. It was so not classy to see Jessica’s boobs pushed up to the sky. Jesus christ they looked so unnatural, one woulda thought she got a boob job. Girl was pushing her hair out of the way and sticking her chest out every chance she got. Everyone’s dress looked 2 sizes too small. Poor Seohyun clearly did not like wearing that massive push up because she was trying to cover herself the entire time. It was so obvious she was uncomfortable with the look. I thought that their dresses looked like bad prom dresses. The only dress that looked good was Sunny’s. Yoona’s was so bad. i was so confused. everyone else’s dresses were really bad.

    Koda Kumi’s look was hands down the best. Classy and appropriate. always flawless

    • Anonymous

      You’re very right about their boobs. When I first saw Jessica’s breasts, I was reminded of Nicole Kidman’s outfits in Moulin Rouge, where she wore tight corsets that smushed her breasts together in order to give her cleavage (don’t get me wrong, LOVE this movie and her). Not attractive. The other girls’ dresses do the same, but they were subtle (or in Seohyun’s case, embarassed) about their artificial cleavage. And Jessica was sort of shoving them in everyone’s faces.

      Yeah, I found their dresses to be a pretty but very gaudy overall. Yuri, Yoona, Tiffany, and Taeyeon have the worst dresses. They’re incredibly overstylized!

  • 12345

    Jessica really thinks she has a great pair of boobs, huh? Lately she’s been trying to flaunt them by wearing multiple push-ups for her non-existant puppies. Keep them inside jessica, it’s not classy at all when you have to shove them in people’s face

  • Nana

    Loved SNSD’s red carpet outfits, but a bit disturbed by Jessica’s boobage and Yuri’s almost-going-to-pass-out expression/non-existent weight.

    I know the whole bottomless fashion thing is taking off in Korea, but dear idols, please wear something that resemble pants/a decent-length skirt on the red carpet.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Everything about Koda Kumi was a homerun that night. She’s definitely converted me into a fan. Girl is fabulous and has mega stage presence. She put a lot of people to shame that night.

  • chelle

    I remember Jessica having another cleavage moment in another event. I think she likes it that way even though it looks so unnatural and not sexy.

    I would like to see idols actually look elegant and fun especially the senior idols. I’m never too interested in idol fashion when it comes to the red carpet.

  • Anonymous

    The members of SNSD who had dresses showing their cleavage looked so tacky. The image of pushed up boobs and then their faces that look like teenagers is quite disconcerting. It’s like they’re high school students trying to be all sexy and hot at the Prom, but end up looking the opposite. Jessica’s boobs were almost to her chin! It didn’t look naturally sexy, but “forced”.

    They’re very pretty young ladies and some of them have great personal style, but it seems their stylist has no idea how to dress them individually to play on their personality and style. So we get these contrived outfits that some of the girls look uncomfortable wearing, and outfits that some have described as gaudy.

    I have no problem if they want to show their cleavage and their legs, but choose one: your breasts or your legs. Never both. And don’t wear clothes with too much sparkles/embellishments in addition to showing your boobs and your legs. Leave something to the imagination. Keep it simple. If you’re naturally sexy, it will shine through.

    This is exactly what Blake Lively’s problem used to be. She’d show up at events with her cleavage all exposed, as well as wearing short skirts that almost show her crotch, or dresses that had high slits in them to show off both her chest and long legs. The clothes were stylish, but Blake looked cheap and garish.

    SNSD’s stylist should have done what Koda (or her stylist) did. Chose only one ‘asset’ to show: plunging neckline but with a long dress. Sexy, but tasteful. Her hair and accessories also complement her dress. Koda is known for putting on hot/sexy performances, but here she looked very elegant and beautiful.

    Park Siyeon’s dress was okay, but the cut of the dress could have been more flattering. A one-shoulder dress would truly have been in the territory of “Greek Goddess” without being too flashy. The simple cut of her dress was boring and IMO the gold embellishments didn’t add much. Her earrings were too much silver next to the gold in her dress.

    2NE1 always wear weird outfits, but for some reason, they carry it off well. It matches with their aesthetic and their known style as a group. These kinds of outfits would have been awful on other groups like f(x).

  • chelle

    I just wanna say you forgot Yoon Eun Hye, she had my favorite look of the night. Sometimes shes hit or miss for me fashion wise but when’s she on lady is on fire!


    She was classy with a bit of edge and youth to keep it interesting, that is how these 20+ age idols should dress up.

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t see any pictures of her on the websites I went to! Please forgive. I would’ve included her if I had.

      • chelle

        Haha no problem my fault for thinking you forgot so my apologies I just went to her soompi thread

  • Mija

    Snsd’s dresses look cheap like they got them at a department store which I know they didn’t. Next time they need to tone it down and not wear clown dresses.

  • FyahMaster

    I hate hate hate Dara’s ponytail. Why do they have to butcher her hair like that everytime? Ughhh Bom wears too much eye makeup and Minzy’s hair is fugly. Remove those and they look perfect.

    SNSD…Idk but the dresses look really tacky and seems more suited for a high school prom than the red carpet. Can’t believe they spent few hours doing the outfits and makeup and this is what we get.

  • Anonymous

    SNSD should had wear the dresses they wore on the boys MV…those dresses on the MV are so much more better than their dresses on MAMA’s red carpet.

    I’m so agree with you,OP,why is eunhyuk ugly?despite he’s my ultimate bias,he’s the one that rocks the red carpet with his leather jacket while siwon looks like a magician wannabe and yesung’s white shirt looks…strange. The other members look so plain to me.. I also super love eunhyuk’s&eeteuk’s white-black blazers on the performance.

    as for 2ne1,most of their problem I must say,is their hairdo. I’m speechless for Dara’s hair (in a bad way),loathe Minzy’s blue hair,wondering when will Bom take a dramatic change for her hair,and doesn’t impressed with CL’s hair. Now I can see how people say “Hair is women’s crown.”

    BEAST and A-Pink look boring..but I love Miss A’s and Seo In Young’s outfits…but what I like best is Park Si Yeon’s and Yoon Eun Hye’s dress (btw,why there’s no picture of YEH with her simple but fabolous dress?)

  • Aya

    ok. here i go..

    basically..i always comment on black suit and blacknwhite suit for men, or black n white simple dress and uniforms so i crossed out those who were wearing those from comment list.

    Park Shi Hoo and Nam Gyu Ri they do like that award was their wedding. Loving Jia pants but the rest just plain boring. Really? Seriously? Black velvet suit? *frowned with disgust*. O lala Session and 2NE1 was ok, not really great, but they’re ok and acceptable, i dont mind Dara’s hair, though…but yes, Minzy’s hair is a no no. SNSD red carpet fashion was just like their performance in the award, horrible..ish.


    • Aya

      Forgot…Kim Minhe’s dress…i like the pattern and the fabric, though

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1112091495 Annie Xiong

    WHYYY are Jessica’s non-existent boobs pushed up to the sky? Oh lordy. 
    If every girl had a push up bra with that much push-up power. 
    Girl needs to shove that back down. 
    tacky tacky tack dresses. It was like a prom train wreck. Too much freakin bedazzling, tulle, frills, lace, ruffles. UGLY. 

  • Annon

    Why is it a problem to show your legs? If you have them then show them. While I do think the dresses are bad and the push up part is too much, I see no problem showing some cleavage and legs.

  • Anonymous

    2NE1 wore BALMAIN. enough said. :D

  • GracefulCassieShapley

    Personally, I think SNSD’s dresses (most of them) looked kind of cheap. Not literally, lol, they must have been expensive but the over use of ruffles and diamonds and fur really didn’t do much for the dresses. Overall, they’re flattering dresses, but the only dress I liked was Seohyun’s. 
    I love the colour of Yuri’s, Hyoyeon’s, and Taeyeon’s. Sunny’s dress had the right idea, but there are just a few adjustments I would make.  

    Given. Minzy’s hair…very unflattering. They should have used the air she had in the “I am the best” not the white hair, but the hair she had when she sat on the circle chair. For the black outfit? it suits her but I would give her a more business/suit like jacket that flares out (kind of like her  “fire” outfit space ver. the blue one….but more classier and all black) with a sparkly “diamond” necklace. Something like that. Bom’s outfit had the potential of being chic, but that white apron of a shirt just throws it off. Dara…..I will never understand the science defying hair. 

    I actually loved Koda Kumi’s dress, but some gold coloured necklaces would have spiced it up. 
    Siyeon had a very lovely dress and Miss A looks chic. 

    Personally I didn’t like B2ST’s velvet jackets. 

  • Annemarieeve9

    does anyone know where snsd got their dresses from? or where they got them made?