The most anticipated event of the season, the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards, is now over and done with, but there’s still so much to talk about: the celebrities, the performances, and of course, the fashion. Rather than categorizing the celebrities into “hits” and “misses,” I’m going to instead analyze all my favorite and least favorite looks of the evening.

Let’s begin with the guest stars in attendance. Will.I.Am wears a silver blazer over a red shirt and what looks to be studded shoes, along with red sunglasses. His look is certainly cool but I’m worried that it’s too casual. Next to him is, dressed in black leather. What really strikes me about this man’s outfit is that his pants blend into his shoes, making it look like he wrapped his legs and feet in trash bags.

And of course, the legendary Snoop Dogg arrives in a bright red track suit and pigtails. I don’t know if I should cut him some slack because he’s Snoop Dogg or berate him for dressing so casually for the MAMAs. You can’t really expect anything dapper from a guy like Snoop Dogg, but he could’ve tried a little harder. Oddly enough, I love his little pigtails. Only Snoop Dogg could work a hairstyle like that. But at least he’s not alone in that dressing casually – Dr. Dre came to the event in regular ol’ jeans, shirt, and a baseball hat.

Park Shi Hoo and Nam Gyu Ri looked like they just came from a wedding but look stunning regardless. Miss A came to the event in black, their outfits being brought together through the black-and-white floral print. Jia opted for a more interesting look with sheer black pants, printed with white flowers, a sash, and a black top. Next to her walks Min in a black A-line dress, black-and-white printed tulle sticking out from the hemline. Min looks pretty, curvy, and a little boring. Of Miss A’s looks, Fei’s is my least favorite. She wears tiny shorts, a sheer black-and-white top, and a regular blazer. Not only is the outfit too casual for the MAMAs, but it’s not really appropriate to wear anywhere. Suzy, however, looks perfectly appropriate in her black dress with the bubble hemline. I love singer Seo In Young’s sparkly black dress. Besides looking like shards of onyx, the dress had a large stone detail on the bodice.

Kim Minhee reminds me of a fish in her flowy, flashy off-the-shoulder gown. The low cut on Koda Kumi’s black dress is balanced by the floor-length tiered skirt, making the dress look age-appropriate and not trashy by any means. However, Koda’s dress disappoints me in that it’s so plain and boring. However, Park Siyeon doesn’t disappoint in her beautiful white-and-gold dress and chandelier earrings. The gold details on her dress make her look like a Roman queen or a Greek goddess.

Many of the men in attendance wore plain black suits. Kim Soohyun wears brown brogues with a navy blue suit. Song Seung Hun came in a dapper black tuxedo, his hair gelled into spikes. Song Joong Ki was a cutie in a black suit with a blue shirt and purple tie.

B2ST wore matching suits with velvet blazers and bow-ties. The boys look great but I would’ve liked to have seen a little more individuality in their outfits. A Pink came to the occasion in matching pale pink dresses. The dresses have slight differences among the hemline but are primarily the same. While the girls do look cute, their dresses make them look very young and I’m also disappointed by the lack of originality and variety.

At nearly every award show I’ve seen, there’s always someone that comes dressed in something a little weird. At the MAMAs, it was Ulala Session. Jeans, black blazers, colorful bowties, plaid pants, sunglasses, and a leopard blazer gives this group personality. Sure, their look is bizarre and definitely not fashionable, but at least it’s fun. And as always, 2NE1 arrived in interesting outfits at well. Fluffy coats, sparkling pieces, and colorful hair pull 2NE1’s look together. I find their outfits surprisingly tame compared to what the girls have been known to wear in the past. I approve of CL’s jacket but look down on Park Bom’s plain white shirt and Dara’s bizarre pony. How much hairspray was needed for it to defy gravity like that? Minzy’s all-black outfit is fine but her blue hairstyle isn’t very flattering.

Super Junior and AZIATIX  both came in black. Most of SuJu wore regular black tuxedos, but some members broke away from the mold. Eunhyuk looked like a punk rocker with his bleach-blond hair and leather jacket. Excuse me, but why is Eunhyuk the “least attractive”? He looks damn fine to me. What doesn’t look fine is Ryewook’s bizarre hairstyle. And Siwon, I agree with Peggy: you need to burn that jacket. Yesung, you’re a cutie but your jacket is far too long. Kyuhyun also wears an oversized jacket that is almost dress-like. As for AZIATIX, they all look handsome in their satin suits.

SNSD arrived in glitzy, sparkling dresses of almost varying lengths. I’m not sure why I’m annoyed with SNSD’s looks. The girls do look fabulous and their gowns, for the most part, are very pretty. I think it’s because several of the dresses have this stupidly long and heavy-looking train in the back while a short hemline in the front. Not only do I find these trains tacky, but I also find them ridiculous. Really, ladies, must you showcase your legs at every opportunity? Only Seohyun had a floor-length dress, which looked fabulous on her. But putting my feelings aside on the dress lengths, I love the colors of Yuri, Taeyeon, and Hyoyeon’s dresses. Some of the dresses overdo it with the details, layering ruffles, jewels, and bits of sewed-on fabric. The train on Tiffany’s dress is absolutely gaudy. However, the dresses are very figure-flatter, giving the girls hourglass-like curves and cleavage. Overall, SNSD’s look is very pretty and glamorous.

Red carpet wasn’t the only fashion at the event – there’s always stage outfits as well. Some of the artists, like Snoop Dogg, simply wore their red carpet clothes on stage, but most performers did costume changes beforehand. Here are my favorite stage outfits:

I’ve already spoke of my love for SNSD’s “The Boys” stage outfits and I’m going to reaffirm it here. Simply put, the girls looked stunning, which they should after spending two-to-three hours in hair and makeup. All dressed in white and gold, the outfits fall into the marching band/military/equestrian theme have have specific differences and sparkling embellishments.

SuJu’s stage look was classy and not very different from their red carpet outfits. I especially love the white blazers and shirts Leeteuk and Eunhyuk wear, which add diversity and style to the group’s overall look. 2NE1 also wore black for their stage outfits, but added style and character to their looks with metal plates and spikes.

What are your thoughts on these looks? Which outfit is your favorite?
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