I have three biases when it comes to K-dramas. In no particular order: Kim Hyun-joong, Daniel Henney, and I can now add Lee Ki-woo. Obviously all of these men have one very apparent thing in common. They are flower boys/men. I know that two-thirds aren’t the best actors, but boy do they look good doing it. Like almost unbelievably too good. And I know that by admitting this I am showing my shallow side, but I can’t help it. I had an instance when I saw Hyun-joong and Henney for the first time and had to catch my breath for a second. It was no different this time around for Lee Ki-woo.

I don’t know what comes over me, but when I see something or someone that’s too good to keep a secret I end up telling my sister about it. Of course since she’s not into K-pop or K-dramas like I am, she always rolls her eyes and ends up shooing me away or just walking off once she gets wind of it. But I didn’t back down this time and insisted that she see what I was talking about. So when she got up to leave I proceeded to sit on her. I told her I wouldn’t get up until she saw what I wanted her to see and I was satisfied. So, I played the scene when Lee Ki-woo’s character Choi Kang-hyuk walks into the convenience store and proceeds to buy a drink. I didn’t expect much. Just a mandatory sit down followed by a routine roll of the eyes. But it never came. She didn’t even struggle with me. She just continued to watch and I think I might have seen a slight head bobble in acknowledgement. Yes, progress!

Ever since the ending of City Hunter I haven’t really got into any K-drama’s full force, but I found out about Flower Boy Ramyun Shop about two weeks ago and I can say I’m thoroughly enjoying it.  I love everything from the sensible but airheaded Choi Kang-hyuk to the bad boy/whiny softy that is Kim Ba-wool. I’m glad I found it late because I got to marathon the first few episodes, but not anymore… The story line isn’t incredibly dynamic like Bad Guy or 49 Days, but there’s too much eye candy to ignore. I am usually keen on keeping my composure, but this drama has got me fangirling all over again. It’s pretty sad.

I’m like a kid in a candy store drooling mouth open and all. It’s like look-a-like central on there. Lee Chung-ah looks a bit like 2NE1’s Sandara Park, Park Min-woo perhaps a taller Jay Park, and Lee Ki-woo an older Nichkhun?  I don’t know. The verdict is still out on that last one. Maybe it’s just me.  And Jung Il Woo… doesn’t really look like anyone, but I just love saying “scheduler” in a Korean accent.

Note: At the end of episode 9 when Kang-hyuk picks up Eun-bi… My, oh my!

Anyway, I will patiently wait for the rest of the season to air. What are your thoughts on the drama?