• ggoma

    Whether a song brings pain or healing, that title is not trying to do anything more than to hint to the listener about the subject of rape within the lyrics. It’s probably more about her own personal experience than anyone else.

    Anyway, I feel like people trying to shush down a rape victim’s words is not healthy. Everyone should be allowed their art. This was probably a song for healing/understanding for all women that have gone through this.

  • kc

    rape isn’t something you can just ignore and it’ll get better.

    perhaps she shouldn’t have used that little girls name, perhaps she should of asked the victim in the first place, but when it comes down to it these people aren’t angry at her for using a name but bringing up a difficult topic that no one likes to hear about.

    people don’t know the fear, they don’t know what it’s like… and the thing is, even after it stops it never really leaves, you’ll be haunted by nightmares, his or her face will be at the back of your mind every moment- and really, “brings up bad memories” the memories NEVER leave, they never go away so if anything a song like this is… to come from someone else who’s been through it it feels like there’s someone out there that actually knows what you’ve been through and that’s a hard thing to find when you’ve been a rape victim.

    rape, molestation, it should be a life sentence, if you dare touch someone when they don’t want to be touched you better as hell be prepared to rot in prison for the rest of your life because that’s is what you deserve… I don’t think there is any defense for the victimiser, he or she acted on feelings and emotions and FORCED someone to be their little sex doll.

    rapist should get life, no exceptions.

    what is sick is, this doesn’t just happen in Korea, all over the world rape is treated as something you dance around, it’s bad but no one wants to do a single damn thing about it- no one wants to be the one to speak up for the abused, no. Hell, there are even people who enjoy watching porn that depicts children being raped, women being raped, hell, even men being raped… but nah, that’s totally not wrong since you’re just watching it/reading it, I mean it has no moral significance at all. in some places rape is even seen as a right for men, “I can take you any time I want because I am man!” and do we punish them, no, of course not, every country has a right to let their women get forced against their will!

    these people who fear so much for that little girl should fight harder so these kinds of things don’t happen to other other little girls and boys, they should speak out against the courts who give the abusers such tiny sentences, they should fight against the government who enables these kinds of people because that is what a government who gives such small sentences is- the government is playing a hand at the rape of these children.

    someday I wanna see a day where people don’t think rape is just an act that can be washed away with a 15 year sentence, whether the abuser gets jail or not it doesn’t mean a thing to the victim, the victim lives with it for the rest of their lives, we should give long sentences to rapist because we DON’T want them to ever do it to another child again… the victim though, they’ve already been hurt, they’ll always walk around with that scar.

    and the thing is, statistics don’t really matter since a good number of rape victims don’t even speak out, it’s likely that those high numbers are even higher.

  • Emily_531531531
    • http://twitter.com/Chouchou103 Michele

      ‘Recently, singer ALi, a rape victim herself, released a song “Nayoungee” in order to provide comfort and to inspire more preventative measures.’
      It is mentioned in the article.

  • Anon

    i don’t doubt ali’s intentions nor do i think that nayoung and her family cannot speak up, but i do think that ali owed the child the courtesy of asking her whether she could use her name in such a public way, whether she could use the pseudonym to give her pain and those of other rape victims a name. as a rape victim herself, ali must know what revisiting the crime and everything that comes with it can do to a victim. every victim responds in a different way. ali took refuge in her art, maybe nayoung was taking refuge in her anonymity. she made headlines once for no fault of her own, now she’s making headlines again without asking for it and that is disrespectful. that ali herself is a victim does not make her incapable of victimising another and in this case, despite her best intentions, she inadvertently has.

  • http://twitter.com/Chouchou103 Michele

    Netizens acted like they knew all about the situation when the song was released. 
    The line that had people talking was this one :’You threw away your youth, selling your body, selling your soul ‘Netizens kept saying Ali was accusing Nayoung. I agree that the sentence is a little awkward (i don’t know korean but the translation does feel awkward) . I believe the mistake Ali made was to have called the song ‘Nayoungee’. Nowhere in the song is Nayoung mentioned so she could have called it anything else and it probably wouldn’t have made this big of a scandal while still being a song of comfort for rape victims. I understand that by calling it ‘Nayoungee’ it sparks people’s interest and prompts them to listen to the song hence spreading her message. It is always a touchy subject when the song you release talk about a living person, even more when that person is one that the public feels the need to protect. Anything said about them is taken personnaly by the public and it seems like the public is not ready to face the problem.I think that song should be included in the album, if not for the public, for Ali herself. Writing and composing is therapeutic and just the fact that she wrote that song and wanted it to be part of her album should mean something. It is her album, her song and I feel really sorry that the audience is not ready to accept it and that her management feels the need to retract it. If anything they should have kept it and maybe change the name, for as much as the song is to comfort Nayoung, it is also to allow Ali to grieve and to comfort all the other rape victims.

    • ggoma

      Most rape victims feel a sense of responsibility for their rape – as if it’s their own fault it happened. That line could be explaining that feeling.

      • http://twitter.com/Chouchou103 Michele

        I admit I don’t know anything about how a rape victim feels which maybe why that line felt awkward for me. Your explanation does make sense, thanks.

  • Anonymous

    I am still baffled by who exactly the netizens are because they seem to be a powerful special interest group. In any case, I hope they and the actress are eating their words by now.

    I must admit, I did not know who Ali was until she held a press conference to reveal that she was a victim of rape herself and she repeatedly apologized, for what I don’t know. I normally skip right past any solo artists on music programs, but her plead to let her sing her music propelled me to listen to it. I was deeply touched to say the least. It’s easy to tell that she sings with her soul completely and she is trying to heal through her music. She reminds me of Tori Amos.

    All I can say is this: Let this woman sing!

  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t the rape incident revealed after netizens complained about the song? I mean surely, with that in mind, netizens would have apologised because in this case it was not insensitive at all because it’s a personal experience and in a way Ali named it because she felt a connection to Nayoung?

  • Serenacullen

    I applaud you!!!! I completely agree with you. It’s shameful these people can still be concerned about such an issue, but when someone in ALi’s position raises awareness about it they attack her. What is so different about her song and her movie???? It’s not like they banned the movie.. serious injustice right there.

  • Oh Ji’s Ho

        I read a translation of ALi’s apology and was absolutely horrified by the fact that this woman had to APOLOGIZE REPEATEDLY for coping with her own rape through song.  I’ve always read from a psychological standpoint that most victims feel partially responsible/shame for their rapes, so by all means netizens throw stones and heap more shame on ALi for daring to speak out on something she recognizes as needing to be addressed due to sub-standard laws and silence.  Maybe the song title was a bad choice due to the age of the victim, but the pseudonym is something that seems to have transcended the original case itself by becoming a reference for rapes in Korea and by titling her song after that I feel she was trying to speak out for all victims of this horrific crime, herself included.
        I agree with the author over the hypocrisy of the netizens. With the actress leading the charge (whom as a fellow woman should be ashamed of herself),  ALi is lambasted for her song content and title, but The Crucible – with many more victims of the same age as Nayoung with varying disablities and the same level of horrifying details – isn’t.  Based on the previews, content, title and ending in the real life case, the movie would hardly be deemed as ‘comforting’ or having ‘basic etiquitte’.  I can’t help but wonder if it is because it was Gong Yoo’s first foray into a dramatic role, after his time in the army, and if ALi were a man trying to raise awareness of this crime and stop it, would this all have played out differently?  On a different note, it is outraging to see that not knowing the age of the victim and level of intoxication are considered valid excuses for this crime. As if age and drunkeness are the deciding factors in rape being ok or not okay.  If that is the case do something about the drinking, because everyone starts off sober and is well aware of their limit so someone being ‘drunk’ is not an excuse for much in my book ESPECIALLY rape.  I am as disgusted with Korea’s legal system as much as I am the States at this point.

    • Daydream

      I also find it disgusting and unjust that Intoxication is considered a valid mitigating factor in Korea. It shouldn’t even be considered for any crime, much less for rape. The bastard drank on his own volition; he was responsible for getting himself intoxicated, therefore he should take full responsibility for all of his actions while under the influence.  

      As for ALi, I personally think she could’ve been a little more careful with the choice of her title, but she certainly doesn’t deserve all the backlash she got, and there is no reason why she needs to apologise to the public for sharing her genuine thoughts and feelings over a sensitive subject matter, one that she clearly understands more than those who criticises her. hope she will stay strong. 

  • chelle

    It’s horrible that she has to apologize for such a heinous act that she experienced. The problem with rape is that the blame is never focused on the assailant the victim gets the brunt of the criticism like what they wear, the location, etc. and that is why women are so scared to confess they have been raped. Ali confessed a brave truth and she should have not apologize nor stop promoting her song.

  • Mer

    I believe the netizens (douchebags) and the actress’s behavior in this situation was atrocious.  If anyone was rude, crude, and disrespectful it was them.  They need to check themselves, like that’s ever going to happen.

    Ali should not have apologized for ANYDAMNTHING.  If Nayoung or her family had issue with the song title/lyrics and contacted Ali themselves, then that would have been different.  No.  She’s apologizing to a bunch of judgemental asswipes that don’t know or deserve anything.  Rape is a serious issue and should be taken seriously in regards to EVERYONE.  Song writers tend to write in a way that’s not understood by everyone.  It normally only makes sense to the writer themselves.  Ali wasn’t the first and she won’t be the last to write some confusing lyrics.  Also considering that she herself was a victim of rape, then maybe, just maybe that’s how she felt after her assault.  Which is quite common with rape victims.  Generally they tend to blame themselves looking for what they did wrong.

    The sad fact is all over the world women ware still blamed for being raped or even looked down upon for “letting” it happen.  Notice I put letting in quotation marks because a lot of people have this misconception (ignorant or otherwise) that women LET themselves get raped.  No.  No one lets themselves get raped.  It doesn’t matter if they were wearing a short skirt or they had been drinking or alone with a male.  A woman can be dressed dowdily in their own home and still suffer rape.  9 times out of 10 it’s about power and then sex.  So no, they weren’t “asking” for it.

    Rape is a perfect tool for abuse in a Patriarchal society such as South Korea.  It doesn’t get reported as it should because the victim continues to be victimized by the their families, the court, and public opinion.  And until more celebrities, politicians and even every day citizens start standing up for and protecting these women in a serious manner, the victim being blamed will continue to be the norm and more will suffer the abuse.

    • greenpanda

      amen–preach it.

    • Anonymous

      Perfect comment! I like your term of “judgmental asswipes.” I believe real asswipes are more useful than the people you’re referring to.

  • Kiara_bleu

    This is such a difficult and complex issue…I think everybody, and that includes ALi, that actress, netizens, feel that they are acting in the best interest of the child when expressing their thoughts but in actuality they are all only reflecting their own experiences and viewpoints. Whether that child wanted or didn’t want attention to be paid to the issues of rape (and her own experience with it), whether she felt comforted or further victimized by the song  and the subsequent controversy with it, only she can tell.  Whether she should speak up about how all of this is affecting her or not is also up to her and lack of response does not prove how she feels one way or the other. 

    People respond to trauma differently and go through different processes in dealing with it.  How one integrates their experience of trauma to their sense of self is very individual.  What is heartbreaking is that what is lost in this whole controversy is that there is a young girl who is still in the process of healing after a truly horrible experience and, through no fault of hers, she was dragged into a very public debate.

  • Xenia

    “Two years ago in 2009, a young girl in Korea” – how young? Idk, if she was 7, then it’s probably was a bad idea to bring up her name. Let the kid have a small chance to put bad memories back on a shelf while she still can. If the girl was  like 16 – then I still doubt that she enjoys that song when she hears it on the radio. But, well, maybe she’s a fighter in her soul and she finds comfort in lovely lyrics. Sure.
    I really liked when author goes “The only reason why ALi should retract her song is if Nayoung or her parents told her that the song brought up painful memories and personally asked for it to be removed”. Really, dear, but you sound the same as the judge that “said that she had the ability to resist but didn’t–instead she accompanied these four men meekly into the hotel”. What if the girl and her parents just don’t want to add the fuel to the fire and are just waiting for the song to die by itself? Just the speculation – the same as your opinion.

    Actually, I completely agree with Kiara_bleu. Go and read that comment, it’s the best on the page.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2HLWIJFBCMMYGQYBMYXOPTEXF4 Mq

    I don’t understand where everyone’s getting the message that Ali apologized for being raped.
    She apologized for bringing up Na Young’s past, which in her statement said she is sorry for angering her family.

    I don’t have much to add other than say my sentiments echos Anon. I’ll say this once again as I said it before, a little subtlety would have carried the message a lot better and avoided a lot less backlash. 

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/zs7ITR93moWQEekTSwzTHR9j1u.Z2xEl0w--#542b8 LoL

    I do feel bad for ALi, and I do think that the netizens step out of their boundaries a little too much at times, but I do have to agree with them on this one.

    First of all, it’s true that the victim (which I’ll call Nayoung from now on) and her family could’ve spoken up themselves, but would they really do that? Their everyday lives are probably hard enough, and they’re probably trying so hard as to not be reminded of the past anymore. Not only was the whole event painful for the family, but they probably find it shameful to the family as well (we’re talking about S. Korea after all, my parents are Korean and I can only shrug in disgust and opposition every time they say that the girls are at fault for getting raped). I doubt they will speak up against a rookie singer’s song knowing that it will only bring the spotlight back to their family and to Nayoung’s tragic past once again. They probably just want to move on and forget the things that happened.

    Before actually releasing the song, Ali and her company should’ve at least had the decency to talk to Nayoung and her family, which I doubt they did, seeing as how much they had to apologize for their actions. The case only happened two years ago, it’s still fresh in everyone’s mind, and it’s still a very sensitive and controversial subject, which brings me to my main point.

    As much as I hate to say this, ALi did use Nayoung’s name for publicity more than anything. It’s probably why they didn’t ask for the family’s permission—though they had no legal obligations to, because they all know that the family would say no. There’s no reason to release the song with “Nayoungee” as a title aside from trying to get people talking about the song. They knew how sensitive the whole thing is, they could’ve given the song another title as a sign of respect to Nayoung, a little girl, and her family. They probably anticipated what was going to happen too, after all no publicity is bad publicity.

    Although I feel bad for ALi for getting slammed because of a song she wrote as a way to cope with her feelings and express her emotions to others as a rape victim herself, I still think that the apology was needed. Since I feel like her intention, or maybe her companies’ intention, for naming the song “Nayoungee” was not as innocent as her feelings were for writing the song.

  • asianromance

    Yes, it was insensitive to name the song Nayoungee, but that actress and netizens are overreacting.  I bet they are the same people who go around blaming the victim and trying to shush those victims who try to seek justice.  At least Ali is trying to bring attention to this serious issue.  What has Kim Yeo Jin or these netizens done to help victims of rape?  Do they even discuss the injustice surrounding it whenever some rapist animal is handed a slap on the wrist for rape.

    South Korea is such an affluent, developed country, but their justice system regarding rape is like that of some underdeveloped nation.  By not changing the current laws, lawmakers and judges in South Korea are shaming their country.   Why isn’t this being changed?  Makes me wonder if more than half the lawmakers in South Korea are rapists and that they’re just trying to cover themselves in case the shit hits the fan.

  • Gazza

    The only thing you could accuse ALi of doing wrong was using Na Young’s name for the song- I agree with the other comments about how she should have contacted the family, though I don’t know how she would have gone about it.

    That said, I do feel bad for the way things have played out for ALi- and I really hope she gets the justice she deserves with her civil suit.

  • binx

    If I could meet ALi I would say “ALi stay strong and please promote this song.”

  • Bervalvic

    Why is she apologizing to the public, this pisses me off. If she was going to make an apology, you apologize to Na Young and her family. I think the song is just a reminder of how South Korea can not protect adolescent girls or any woman of that matter from rape. Automatically I’ve gotten a sense that the justice system is in favor of men, but I guess in the US, you could find the same thing, especially when race and stereotypes play a factor. I believe she should have kept the song. The song instills some fear and discomfort because its a possibility that people don’t want to acknowledge that these things happen, this is not being naive but ignorant. Na Young story may have been a way of coping for some and a way of coping for Ali. Or maybe it was a way to remind people that this happened to this girl and her justice wasn’t met and this too happened to me and my justice has not been met. And as far as I know Ali is still trying to take the guy that raped her to court so the song could be something that she is trying to use in her favor, but who knows. Either way an apology I didn’t find necessary because it felt like she was apologizing for what happened to her and she shouldn’t be doing that.

    This reminds me of that film Princess  Aurora and who the guy that raped the girl  was supposedly insane. And this somehow makes me think how the mother of that child was the one that sought justice for her daughter even though, those ways she sought it threw me for a loop. And now that I think of it, when something must be done that benefits the women or some amount of equality must be made for women it is the women who must achieve it (WELL DUH! No brainer).  Which is why in some sense I’ve doubted religions that caters more to men, more then it does women. Especially, religions that are used wrongly.

    This world is going straight to hell so everyone should either stock themselves up on portable fans and blast their Ac’s!

  • Kliks

    I mean, that little girl’s name is not even Nayoung, is not like Ali used her real name… Yes, everybody asociates that name to the raped girl, so Ali does and maybe, instead of calling the song “Ali” she used a fictional name to adress the issue without feeling too exposed… Besides, it’s not like she was promoting this song in Music Shows and radio stations… Now that she has apologized I hope that actress and those netizens do the same to Ali…

  • Anihseyo

    I personally like the song and when I first heard it, I had no idea what it was about because I am not a native speaker of the language. But now that I know what its about and the story behind it I like it even more .Why? Because it brings to light an important subject everyone is unwillingly to talk about. Not talking about it is not going to solve it. People need to talk about things in order to find a solution. And like the author said, Ali shouldn’t have let herself get bullied by the netizens or the actress. This is her song and the way she choose express herself; it was a comfort song for herself as well . If the parents of the young girl felt that this song affected her negatively, then they would have taken it up with the company or Ali herself. The others had no reason to meddle. By making Ali remove the song or even change the name of the song they are running away from the problem instead of confronting it. The issue is not that it might make the young girl uncomfortable or that it will bring back horrible memories; instead, it is that it makes society uncomfortable and unwilling to confront its past.I don’t understand I don’t understand netizens burst of anger towards her  its not as if she deliberately tried to hurt the young girl, as a rape victim herself , she tried to help her the only way she though she could, through her music. Its a way of letting her and many other rape victims know that they are not alone and that they share their pain.   I hope netizens do something more productive with their lives other than hating and criticizing.

    • someone

      hey Anihseyo, i also didn’t know the story behind the song as well until recently. but now that i know i feel a bit differently. i mean, i still like the song but i don’t think it was a good idea for Ali to name it ‘Nayoung’. why? i tried to see this from the girl’s mother point of view.(i don’t know, maybe she (the mother) felt differently) if i were a mother of a sexually abused child i wouldn’t want people to always think about my daughter when they hear this song, it’s like putting a label on her for life and given the quality of the song people would listen to it forever. i wouldn’t want that. but don’t get me wrong. i’m not saying this kind of sensitive issues should be left untouched. i admire Ali for bringing up this topic. i believe it should be talked about. i am just saying even if the name nayoung is a pseudonym it refers to a particular case and victim. it would have been perfect if she used another name like many people commented. it’s understandable for na young’s parents to feel sensitive about this (if they did i mean). but the general public should talk about this to find solution as in the case of the moveie ‘silenced’. And i agree with what someone on this page who commented saying ‘people aren’t criticizing Ali out of concern for ‘nayoung’ and her parents but their desire to cover up this sensitive issue.’ SO TRUE! Ali is an awesome singer with a great voice and singing style. the fact that she tried to address a social issue is also great. the only thing that wasn’t great is the title.

  • Anonymous

    Too long response, but I feel strongly about this topic:

    If anyone has read books by Alice Sebold (Lovely Bones), I read her book (almost an autobiography) “Lucky” for one of my projects while in Nursing school. It is about her experience with being raped and how she coped with it (even testified against her attacker and helped convict him) and how it affected and shaped her life.

    Reading about her ordeal was the most uncomfortable content I’ve read. Just the sheer brutality of the act was so apparent in the pages, that it was almost as if it was happening in front of me and I was so tempted to skip the pages just to escape the images, but I continued reading. Do I regret reading it? Absolutely not. It was one of those things that unless you were raped yourself, you’ll never understand the feeling, but reading about it made me reflect more about rape victims and how difficult it is for them to move on from that situation, how much strength it must have taken them, and still takes them, day to day to deal with what has been done to them. Perhaps for some of them, their lives were over the moment the crime was committed. I don’t know. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, nor would I accuse anyone of “asking for it”.

    I understand the netizens’ comments about the lyrics possibly hurting “Nayoung” and her family, but I doubt their intentions were purely about the girl. It was probably a mixture of discomfort about the details of the case, the “Oh, give it a rest. The suspect has been convicted! This issue should be closed!”, and the reluctance of many people to confront sensitive topics like sexual abuse. These cases often tend to be swept under the rug . There are still many people who think that women are to blame for being raped. I’ve heard comments from, “Well, if she wasn’t rubbing up on any guy who would flirt with her, maybe this wouldn’t have happened to her.” to “She probably did something to deserve it.” 

    There are many people out there who still think that rape is preventable if women take enough precautions (don’t wear skimpy outfits, don’t walk in dark alleyways, don’t be so coy and flirty, and other misguided “tips”). There are many people who still think that a husband forcing his wife to have sex doesn’t constitute rape, but demanding his “rights as a husband”. There are many people who still don’t understand that rape is never about sex. It’s about power, violence, and control over someone. 
    However, I also don’t think that naming the song “Nayoungee” was appropriate. Yes, it was just an alias, but most people would connect the name to the rape case as well as the victim, and then assume immediately that it was about the victim and blame ALi for being insensitive and thoughtless.

    ALi shouldn’t have to apologize for her ordeal as a rape victim, nor do I feel she needs to apologize for the song. I just wish that more consideration was given about the song title.

    IMO if a comment was going to be made about “Nayoung”, it was NOT ALi’s right to do so. Her experience as a rape victim does not give her the right to speak for another victim. People cope with grief and pain in different ways. Her experience may be just as horrific, but it may not be the same as Nayoung’s, and Nayoung and her family probably have not healed and moved on yet, so perhaps the song didn’t offer the comfort and compassion as ALi had hoped, but more pain. ALi may have had the best intentions at heart and thought she was helping, but I think it was not a smart idea to name the song after another rape victim.

    Her family speaking up about the song IF they get hurt about the song’s message is a moot point. They and Nayoung should never have been put in this position in the first place. The ball should have been left in their court: “Speak about the ordeal if you want to, only if you choose to”. And NOT “If you’re offended AFTER the song has been performed, then contact ALi and her company.” 

    It’s quite ridiculous from some comments below that people actually think Nayoung’s family should make any effort into “complaining” about the song if they want. They shouldn’t even deal with any part of this especially if this was foisted upon them and they most likely didn’t ask for any of this debacle to happen in the first place.

    If anyone should speak about her experience, it should have been Nayoung. She was robbed of the right to talk about her experience on her own time, on her own choice. If Nayoung chooses never to talk about it, then it should have been her prerogative as well. If she didn’t want her experience to be talked about, then it should have been her choice. That was taken away from her. 

    Even ALi had to disclose her own experience as a rape victim, a survivor, on her own time and choice after she has written a song to express her feelings. Nobody else spoke for her. She gave herself the voice to speak about being a rape victim. I wish she could have given the same consideration to Nayoung. 

    There have been many songs named for victims of abuse, murder, hate crimes, etc. But I don’t think the artists who wrote and sang those songs just went and composed it without asking for permission from the right people. If ALi couldn’t contact the victim or her family, then give the song a title that won’t be assumed to be related to a specific rape victim. Something like, “Survivor”, “Stay Strong”, “You’re Not Alone”, “I’m here for you”, could have worked the same, could have brought the topic of rape and rape victims to the fore without the potential inflammatory effect on some people.  

    That was ALi’s mistake. She was a rape victim, and she was probably ready to open up about her ordeal. 

    That doesn’t mean, however, that Nayoung was ready to do it herself, or that she wanted the whole issue of her ordeal to be brought up again and have someone else, a stranger no matter that ALi is another rape victim, speak up for her or her supposed feelings.

    • Scarlett

      On the other hand, lovely bones left this grotesque taste in my mouth after I picked it up from a friend. Sure I’ve read many a conflicted/ 18+ material in my life time but seriously, is it ok to pick it up at a young age? That’s my question

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2HLWIJFBCMMYGQYBMYXOPTEXF4 Mq

        reminds me of Precious.

    • Boo

      There are many people out there who still think that rape is preventable if women take enough precautions (don’t wear skimpy outfits, don’t walk in dark alleyways, don’t be so coy and flirty, and other misguided “tips”).
      This so much. Women shouldn’t have to be in an environment where they should feel threatened at all. And with the kind of justice system that Korea has regarding rape combined with the victim blaming that usually happens, it’s easy to see why there are so many incidents that go unreported or cases that do not really get a justful resolution.

    • someone

      oh my god, i love u Melody29. i completely agree with you!

  • hna

    my comment is for western netizen… I’m not talkin bout this rape issue,I’m sorry if I out of the topic. my concern is for western people perspective to asian people. even IF you are ASIAN american,  still, why western people always think Korean or ASIA is good of making everything bad as a taboo, or thinking that asian people don’t have awareness for such things..

    relate to this part of this article :”it is not as if the Korean citizens are incapable of causing change, but they need the motivation and awareness to do so”.

    N I’m not talking business or economics status here. not just that awareness thingy, but at so many things,  just because we Asians treat something differently from westerns, seems that Western always thought that difference are bad or even, wrong or worse weird (not all of us a clown). Me as Asian & living in Asia and had few experiences goin abroad, n heck I hav tons of foreign friends, n I’m in university, just saying that what I’m about to say is not some kind of bullshit I made up.

    I would like to say, In asia, culture still exist and at some level we need some boundaries (that came from that cultures) , n cultures in Asia is different than Western. culture is something that shape people mindset, and/ or the law in a country. imagine if all asia, no, all countries have the same law, do u really think it would make world a better place??? yes, if all of us in this world have the same mindset… but we don’t. heck, we all don’t have the same religions. we don’t even have the same history… Like for a cause, perhaps western country will treat or having solution differently from asia country, but it doesn’t meant that what we did is tottaly wrong or unacceptable from western POV…

    bla bla bla, I already write too much. n might not related to that rape topic, or this article topic…
    but, I love to read all these k-pop/j-pop articles or any articles (news, etc tec) by you western people (asian or not), but please don’t act (or havin perception) superior than Asians. I always felt that (especially Americans) regarding to boundaries, or how we deal with taaboo-ism, you guys always think that western perspective is always right, n asian perspective, well, sometimes right, sometimes wrong, sometimes inhuman, sometimes …. what with the sometimes??

    ah never mind, americans will always think they’re more human than asians (at some).

    please do research and be objectives before you make an article.

    For some fans it might be rude if u make fun of  k-pop/groups, well I think that fans are toodlers, or don’t have a life or just simply stupid or they livin in vivid dream n refuse to come out.

    My point is, having opinions based on feeling or 1 layer research rather than research through and through for an article about A COUNTRY PERSPECTIVES towards some cause its rude, no, its wrong! Do you guys think free of speech is somethin like this? *sigh (n I’m not saying that u guys stupid)  n tell to other writes or friends, just because u’re american doesn’t mean u guys superior than asia.

    sorry if I rude :)

    • hna

      I’m really sorry if u find this post annoying…

      • Anonymous

        Maybe you should have stopped at bla bla bla.

    • Djy

      I agree that there are lots of times when Westerners regard differences in culture as evidence of things wrong with Asian culture. There are also lots of times when Westerners comment on Asian culture without understanding.

      I don’t see why criticising Korean netizens in this case is an example of that. They did act like they wanted to sweep this ugly side of Korea under the carpet. This will only lead to more similar cases and Korea looking bad in the eyes of the world until these issues are solved.

  • Anonymous

    I still think she should of gotten permission from the parents or the girl before writing the song. First and foremost its nayoungs story not anyone else’s. I know some people maybe moved by the song and nayoung’s plight  and maybe even some rape victims got sort of catharthic relief from the song.  One of the most brutal things about rape is that the person was never given a choice, By appropriating nayoungs story for her song  without asking, Ali never gave Nayoung  a choice whether to share her story even more with the public or to be able to move forward and live a normal life with out the constant reminders.   

    It’s besides the point that nayoung is a pseudonym, the fact if the matter is she was probably old know that the name nayoung is reffered to her and if it not she sure will be as grows older.  

    If Ali really wanted to be brave the she should of used her own story to get her point across.

    • Derek Soan

      The song’s lyrics could apply to ANYONE, the use of nayoung was intended as pseudonym and was meant to reach out to all rape victims and to touch on an issue that is extremely controversial in South Korea, and even in other countries as well. Secondly, it was also meant for marketing purposes and as a point of outrage. Outrage  because other suspects that should have been convicted were otherwise released from any conviction due to their relations within the legal system itself. It was a song meant for those who had been raped, and to gain attention through its title. If Nayoung didn’t say anything, and is too young, then why not her parents or relatives have anything to digress on the matter? Since no one related to Nayoung has asked for the song’s removal, it is up to ALi, not you are the god damn, ignorant netizens who should be studying, or doing something else more productive, cause they have no power in the matter. Besides, you are not Nayoung, and you’ve never been raped, so what’s your strongest point of justification for its removal?

  • Holiday

    Next time, use your own name instead of someone else’s.

    I’m with netizens on this matter.


    • You95

      Actually she didn’t use her own name first because she didn’t want people to know she has been raped but with the scandal of the song she had to admit to the public why she wrote the song.
      And again Nayoung is a pseudonym

    • Derek Soan

      I will say only one thing and one thing only; A friend of mine who had a train run on her (a gangbang as the current era of slang so describes) actually took a strong liking to this song. You have not been raped, nor are you a rape victim. You did not make the song either, so your opinion is nothing more than an opinion, therefore, ALi and  Nayoung or her relatives are the only people who have the power to make such a decision and who’s opinions matter most. So in other words, shut up.

  • whatthefrell

    My comments may be all over the place and I apologize.

    First, who is to say that ALi had not already been in touch with the family…
    Secondly, it is not the name of the actual victim.

    Thirdly, anyone who has been a victim of rape,

    or is close friends with someone who has,

    knows it stays with the victim every single day,

    for the rest of their life.

    A song alone doesn’t bring up bad memories.

    If anything a song, especially one such as this,

    only serves to help them work through those feelings,

    to find a kind of solace in knowing someone out there

    I would rather it be a song that captures perfectly the depth of feeling

    (“it’s hard even to be alive and to breathe”)

    involved in being a victim of a violent crime such as rape,
    a song that then attempts to express feelings hope
    and determination to survive, to live,
    and perhaps to be able to love and be loved

    (“when you hope for a warm and brilliant love”),
    a song sung so beautifully as only ALi can sing it.


    It sounds to me like that actress was equally as moved by the

    and has issues of her own that have yet to be dealt with.

    Perhaps she instead owes ALi a bit of gratitude

    for getting the ball rolling.


    ALi should never have backed down.

    But I do not live in Korea, and have no idea of the politics
    at play here.

    But I personally feel more people should have stood up for her.


    This song is not about just one little girl,

    this song is speaking to countless numbers of

    men, women, boys and girls. 


    That is the deep, dark, secret of it all that needs to be

    It is happening to way too many people in this world.

    But perhaps to cast light on such a subject

    would only cast light on related subjects as well

    that they wish to keep swept under the rug;

    such as the unfortunate circumstances surrounding

    the newswoman and the alleged sex tape that has been released,

    by a man portending to be the innocent victim of a crazed, ungrateful

    I don’t know the details, but it sounds to me like someone said

    and someone else thought way too much of himself.

    Unfortunately it will be the woman who is looked down upon,

    and not the classless actions of a spoiled and greedy man

    who may have compelled a young woman to sell her soul as the
    only means

    of achieving the goals she aspired to.


    But I digress…

  • whatthefrell

    Again, I apologize, I have no idea why my comments are literally all spaced-out.

  • mcmoo

    I’m sorry, did anyone actually read the article? Before blaming her for using someone else’s name, the article clearly states that the name “nayoung” was used as a pseudonym to protect the girl who was raped. 
    She’s not even directing the song at the kid. And I’m pretty sure she used the name “nayoung” because it’s a word that can be related to all rape victims, not just the one kid. 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2HLWIJFBCMMYGQYBMYXOPTEXF4 Mq

      Nayoung is the pseudonym uniquely used to protect the young child in a particular case. It is not used to relate to all raped victims.

      The event she went through far exceeds the simple crime of rape, not to say that rape is simple. The grotesque details make your heart bleeds for her and wonder why she was never given the justice she deserved.

      The reason why this brings up much debate and backlash is not because people are uncomfortable with it (at least from my perspective), it’s because people want the victim to be given her space, privacy, and what she deserves most, the ability to control the things in her life. Many things in her life are already brutally stolen from her, her privacy and memory should remain for her and herself only until she
      wants to emerge and speak about it.

      • martian


  • Guest

    Even if Nayoung is a pseudonym, it was directed at a specific person and involved a specific case. And here’s the catch-22, just like the author of this article claims that netizens and the public should butt out because the specific person this happened to didn’t complain…the person who this song involves (as in the case) if thought that the public was overreacting can also say that she supports the song and that rape as an issue should be open for discussion – but no such thing occurred. Reading the lyrics, it’s one of those things where the singer/writer had good intentions but the method and outcome weren’t the greatest.

    • Derek Soan

      But the fact that she didn’t say anything when the issue was whether or not to remove the song only furthers the case that no action on the song’s removal was necessary. If the person involved in the case, regardless of whether or not the title is pseudonym, does not digress any motion for the song’s removal, then it is entirely up to the artist and her label whether or not to remove, since the only person who has the strongest say (nayoung in this case) has not said anything. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CI2NGOMLBNCWH5U4MKF57VJOHY Swaggerr

    I’m sorry to derail from the topic at hand but can SeoulBeats do an album review of ALi’s first album? It’s really great and I would love to see the commentary.. anyhow, I really believe none of the ordeal is her fault and there are twisted people out there who try to make it out to be.

    • whatthefrell

      She’s like the Adele of S. Korea, but with way more soul.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2HLWIJFBCMMYGQYBMYXOPTEXF4 Mq

        Way to early to make such a comparison. Both Adele and Ali are great artists, no need to belittle one or the other.

        • whatthefrell

          No belittling going on here of any sort.
          I have respect for both as artists.
          Both have phenomenal vocal talent, no doubt.

          For me personally, ALi’s voice so moves me, it touches my core,
          much like Adele’s voice does for so many others.

    • Anonymous

      After this whole incident I listened to her whole album and its amazing. I think her voice has so much soul and its just so raw. I could listen to her all day. 

  • jess1

    I absolutely agree with you.

    I was a little bit angry when she had to apologize because to me she didn’t have to. I could understand if the victim and the family asked her for it. That actress and the netizens comments were probably before she admitted that she was a victim herself, and I so want them to feel a slap on their faces. I also feel Ali is a victim of these unnecessary accusations because she is a new singer. If this was from a known or established singer already, I think netizens would be less harsh or may not even be, and may probably praise her for it. But alas…

  • SprinklesOnYourIceCream

    Agree b/c I have so many personally feelings tied to this. Having a mother that suffer sexual abuse as a child and young adult what Ali speaks off was not intended to harm. She was not trying to embarrass Nayoung or disrespect her family. When you fallen victim to such a serious crime hard to find those who understand is difficult.

    I keep thinking about Rihanna’s song “Man Down.” In the MV she played a young girl who is raped by a man and seek out revenge by shooting him. In term she feels guilty by lining “that could have been somebody’s son.” Yet the song it self never states her being rape “got into sticky situation” it can mean anything. But she choose a very touchy subject to provoke thought that gores beyond entertainment. The comments were all mixed up. Some people felt it was inappropriate for her  (character) to seek out revenage against her attacker. Some believe it was her fault. Others were for it and feel every rapist deserves a death sentence.

    In others feel Riahnna is just an entertainer, a pop singer and should has no business to even speak nor sing about such a touchy sunject. But see that is the problem music is to help people express an emotion as well ideas even if it means making a statement or going against soceity norm.

    I commend Ali she is a brave artist who is willing to go outside the box of a typical pop star. She was sharing a story about a young girl who experience the same ordeal. She was connecting with her audience beyond making a catchy song to blast in your stereo. Its to bad Korea isn’t ready to listen. To bad that despite whatever society you come from “rape” is an issue that should be silence.

    I wish more people would more open minded and instead of brushing this “ugly” underneath a rug. Embrace it and create better laws to protect. Doesn’t matter the age,sex,nationailty, whether your a pop singer, movie producers, etc…This subject is serious and takes more than a sympathic ear to understand. I just hope it impires a young girl or boy or child to fight against their attacker. To push forwards may have survive a violent crime but you also need to survive the emotions that come with. That it wasn’t your fault and soceity is wrong to hush.

    Good article best to come from thuis site all year and Ali one of few artists to take a risk. Even if she had to aplologized for it and remove. Sites like this will keep the memory of what she was trying to say even if its fallen upon death ears. Soem people listen and was willing to voice.

    sorry for the eassy and mispelling.   

  • Anonymous

    I think Ali should have asked Nayoung permission before releasing this song. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Youssef-Al-Moxtar/100002989714466 Youssef Al Moxtar

      I disagree. Nayoung is a pseudonym to begin with, and it clearly is intended as symbol for all victims of rape. I agree though that the misunderstanding was preventable and all this managed better. I don’t think Nayoung’s family had any right to permit or deny the song’s release, but sure enough they should have been notified in advance.

  • Geed

    what happened to nayoung

  • G.

    I don’t understand why she had to retract her song in the first place. Just because some people feel uncomfortable listening to it? Because the title of the song refers directly to a very dark, troublesome scandal that Korea is trying pretend didn’t happen?

    It’s irritating how Korea tip-toes around the most important issues just so people in power can save face. That’s the most disappointing thing about Korean society right now; equally disappointing is how they use k-pop idols to distract the public from the REAL issues going on. Not just with those administrative officials being perverts, but earlier this year officials were caught gambling illegally AND only received a slap on the wrist as punishment but no one gave a shit because they were all busy talking about GD’s weed scandal.

    Fuck them. And fuck that stupid actress who told ALi to change the title of her song.

    Rape is a disgusting crime. Not even animals commit such acts.

  • martian

    This isn’t the first time the actress caused controversy. She needs to learn how to shut her mouth really. Also what I do not get was the reason that Na Young even attracted so much controversy was because the case itself was big, yet other rape victims, who would BEG to have their cases heard in court, beg to have their voices be heard do not receive the same benefit. After ALi admitted to having been raped did no one notice that no other news related to this issue was even released? like suddenly overnight everyone realise shit hit the fan, that ALi was a rape victim and just turned their backs and pretended they did not say the hurtful and disgusting things they said. It was as if this entire issue got swept under the carpet for their own social convenience.  

  • Anonymous

    I completely disagree, I know the song was meant in a positive way, but by naming it after Na-Young, and writing the lyrics of the song unclearly, it made the song a negative message. The line ‘While giving up on your youth, you sold your body and soul, your pitiful life,’ made it seem like the victim herself CHOSE to be raped. That’s what I have a problem with. So many times, victims of rape are the ones who get punished, often judged as having “asked for it”. Cho Du-Sun is the one who should be rebuked. HE is the one who stole her youth, and robbed her of the life she would have had if she had never been raped. 

    And netizens didn’t JUST criticize her because it might remind Na-Young of being raped. Examples:  “If she
    meant that (the offensive line, above, was meant to rebuke Du-Sun), she should’ve titled the song, ‘Du Sun’ (the offender’s
    name)” “It is a sort of
    marketing tactic to attract attention by any means.” “How could she keep saying that she did it for the sake of Na Young? (Again, in response to the explanation for the line)” An anonymous lyricist was stated as saying: “That’s a memory that the victims might want to forget. She should’ve
    been more careful in writing and at least she should’ve asked for their
    understanding. She might have thought it could be comforting, but to
    them it must be just a reminder of a heinous crime. Rather than giving
    solace, it′s more of a stain/stigma. It was a thoughtless conduct
    overlooking the power of a song.” This gives a better perspective in WHY people criticized her for it. The song’s ALi chooses and the message of the song has a great impact on people. Additionally, different people deal with trauma in different ways. While ALi meant well by writing the song, she had no idea whether it would actually help Na Young or not, and most likely, it didn’t. By making it seem like the victim chose to be raped, it completely diminishes the REAL issue here. The real issue here is that children are being raped everyday, and governments all over the world have really let these kids down by failing to protect them or help them.

  • Derek Soan

    Have you ever been raped, or seen rape occur, or perhaps even partaken in it? The answer is most likely no considering the ignorance and redundancy that reeks from your post. The problem as you have pointed is the political failure in South Korea in its legal limitations to convict sexual assaulters. As I believe the article already pointed out, you are not a Nayong or her parents, so to say that the song DID in fact bring up painful memories, is NOT a fact, therefore it is impossible to say whether or not the song was offensive without such a statement pertaining to yours and only your personal opinion. Nayoung herself did not bring up any complaints, and neither did her parents, nor her relatives therefore, and again, it makes it even more reasonable to say the songs removal is not justified, because as you just said in your post the song is about nayoung, therefore it is both the ALi and Nayoung’s mutual decisions that should otherwise continue the songs presence in the album or its removal, but since no such thing has occurred, your argument is invalid. Numerous songs on the issue of rape have been raised in Europe and the US, yet the only major social outcry has been raised in South Korea, Why? Because Koreans are not used to songs like this.