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  • http://twitter.com/shawolxinyiMVP Xinyi Ong

    Actually, it’s kind of expected to be a fad, at least to me it is. Even in the craziest high time of kpop, people can leave the kpop fandom. Besides, the entertainments are pushing out more and more groups to ride on the kpop boom now, without confirming their talent is solidified, focusing more of quantity rather quality. At this rate, of course kpop will die out sooner or later. Butfor example, for alot of cassies who didn’t leave the kpop scene when DBSK broke up, they’ll wait for them, probably not like some crazy fangirling but still support them, simply cause they’re one the bands who came out on quality, not quantity. Kpop might die out, but there’d be still this small group of people still supporting their quality groups.

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  • Proud_piinay_chiic510

    To be honest, Kpop is really just like American Pop but in a different language. To me, it’s nothing but a guilty pleasure and I enjoy it from time to time. I don’t think people like Kpop solely for the talent but rather because it’s popular. I’m not saying all of Korean artists are untalented. There are talented ones just like there are untalented ones as well. I don’t think Kpop is any better than American pop or even JPop.

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  • Corry Gao

    Very well thought article. Just as much as I hate Pop music in general, I feel bad for those acts. Sure they win now, but in the future? Doubt it. From the boy/girl-band train in US & Europe music scene in ’90s & early ’00s, only Take That who survived the teen-idol curse. And it involved A LOT of dramas. Pop music should take note from Country (Americana/Roots/Folk/Bluegrass), Rock, & Alternative music. Look at the fans of these genres’ acts. They never leave, very devoted. Just for an example, next year, both The Rolling Stones & The Beach Boys will put new albums & tours as their 50 years (!!!) anniversary. Metallica just held one of their biggest shows ever as their 30 years celebratory. See? They survived through decades and considered as legends with big influence to today’s music (Mainstream & Alternative). Their fans have grown with them. This is what pop, esp. K-Pop here, need to learn. Don’t think about the money only, think about longevity and how you will survive through the ever-changing music scene.

  • Corry Gao

    If only the ones that make good music were highly publicized like these K-Pop acts. Go search Pony – Disturbance on youtube. They are a Korea indie-rock band, put out a debut album in ’09. Heavily influenced by The Strokes, and Morrisey. The most important, they make good music.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001437340522 Candice Lian Dela Cruz

    I’m not really a kpop fan and i think i’m the same type as ur friend who said kpop is a fad..but, i really like ur article >u< I don't even like kpop..but ur article is very well-written!
    To be honest! (pls don't hurt me kpop fans i'm about to express my opinion) I wish Kpop ends..and give all the other asian countries like China,Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, or whatever..a chance to have their part to get recognized..not to mention rock in Korea is dying and a lot of these artists are complaining that they are not getting the same ratio of attention compared to kpop artists get..
    I just think it's unfair and sad… because music isn't pop..it's art.
    :( forgive me if I hurt someone's feelings..

    • Comet

      I am new to K-pop.  A few months ago, I stumbled into a Korean drama called ” Your’re beautiful” and heard about FT Island, one of the few Koreans bands who plays musical instruments and can sing.    The drama was OK but it got me started to listen to FT Island songs.  I am wondering why K-pop is very popular in Asia.  I’ve never heard about K-pop before.   What about other Asian countries?  Fad or not.  I think it is a good think that Korean bands are popular in Asia.  I would love to see more bands or groups coming out of other Asian countries.  Will help understand each other and promote more cooperation.   Western culture mostly Christianity and European white  is different than Asian culture.  Diversity is good.  I love to hear more world music.

      • Ponkana Ace

        Yeah!! I super agree! Diversity is really Goood! :)
        I only feel bad whenever a good non-korean asian group or artist releases a really good single or mv..some k-fans would insult them and stuff..
        You should listen to Cpop! Thai-pop! Mongolian Pop! and JPOP(but it’s already popular but still good :))
        C-POP = M.I.C, HIT-5, TOP COMBINE, JPM, LOllipop F, Da Mouth, S.P.Y, Up Girls, iMe, SD5, J-ONE, JJ Lin, L. VOICE, and moreeeeee <3
        T-Pop = K-OTIC, C-Quint, G20, Candy Mafia, Swee:D, X-I-S, MIN, P.O.I, FFK, Rookie BB, 3,2,1, Waii, etc :)
        JPOP = D-Date, Yuya Matsushita, Kis-my-ft2, W-inds, Daichi Miura, Flower, Happiness, Dream, E-girls, Akanishi Jin, Perfume, Polysics, Sakanaction, Shota Shimizu, Jasmine!
        Mongolian Pop I only like Crush Bash and this other girl band..I think it's Extacy!
        lol (sorry for trolling xP) I was bored

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003507824553 ICassie Gaemgyu

    I agree with you. I tried liking other bands but nothing comes close to my bias, and I suspect once they leave the scene, that will be the end of my liking kpop.
    Its sad but you are right. Its almost as if there is no sincerity in promoting the kpop idols’ talents for the long run. Everything is revolving around profits and nothing else. What is sad is that most of these kpop artistes are taken away (and it seems almost cheated) from an otherwise solid academic education. They are removed at a young age from studying and getting degrees and diplomas that will ensure that they will earn a stable income for the rest of their lives.
    What will happen to them once this fad dies, would they be able to support themselves when the lights are gone.
    Just how many MCs, DJs and actors can there be?
    The kpop industry needs to take care of them and be more responsible. Instead of just taking them when they are young, pretty and sexy, only to discard them once they reach their late 20s. This isn’t right. The industry has to acknowledge that they gained millions of dollars from these exploited youth.

  • http://twitter.com/Seah0 liping

    Why do people think that Korean Wave is a Fad?
    A lot of people who are Not into Kpop, K-films or Kdrama are all wishing that the K-wave will come to an end soon. They simply do not understand that K-wave is going strong for some of the most crucial reasons that they deliberately ignore, choosing to focus on the so-called fact that “because of their plastic beauty and handsome appearance”
    Here are the reasons that why K-wave is going strong:
    1. They are well-trained.
    Kpop idol 2AM Jokwon is well-known for being a trainee for 8 years and recognised for his vocal. Most kpop groups earnestly trained for two to five years to prepare for a debut. Try telling that to justin bieber or for the fact, any Artistes from other countries. These Kpop idols are determined to succeed and they used time and effort to pay for it.

    2. Wide variety of genres in dramas and films. Not too long ago, Kdramas are known as typical melodramas: male lead meet female lead- quarrel- fall in love- one of them died. But it wasnt the case now, some examples that i could list here include (supernatural- historical), ( revenge-modern), (investigation), (romance-historical) and (retro-romance comedy).

    3. The rise of Korean variety shows
    You will be surprised at how well-planned and creative these variety shows were. Names to drop included the internationally popular , and. Juz try watching one ep of any of these shows, its easy to get hooked. Plus the fact that they include guests who go all out in the games and quick-wit hosts who are humorous; its a winning combination.

    4. Korean Films
    Korean films are considered a different category from TV productions in South Korea. This meant the limitations and restrictions in dramas imposed by regulator are not applied on films. Therefore, you would find that the plots and the acting are very different. Some films to note here: , , , and . If you have watched these films before, you would agree that Hollywood is producing alot of trash these days and the Chinese film industry still has some way to go.

    5. Support from the government.
    Frankly speaking, i have never seen such a huge number of so called “film site” for the tourists to visit. I have personally visited the garden of morning calm for and the english village for . These are areas that the country can generate income and interest in the Kwave. Now tell me, which government support the entertainment industry in such a measure and involving the tourism board to list all of them out?!

    Therefore, please give credit when its due. K- wave has its place in the international entertainment industry and rightly so. Just stop trying to brush them off, you wont succeed.

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