• Daydream

    can this girl be anymore perfect? 

    Although this news totally destroyed my crack-ship of 3 years, I am really really happy for her. Sunye deserves all the love and happiness she gets, and more. The boyfriend better treat her right, or else he will have raging fans to deal with. 

  • Anonymous

    I really can’t help but like this girl. Good for her! :)

    And I heard she said she met this guy on a humanitarian mission she went on? Wow… can she get any more perfect? haha

    • http://twitter.com/MonicaDBSK Monica

      I know right? Met a guy while on missionary work, something that she’s always wanted to do. It’s just so fitting!

      I also remember during an interview or talk show once where the rest of the wg members chose sunye as the member most likely to get married and start a family first, and now she’s the first to open up about a relationship.

  • Anonymous

    Also how appropriate is it that not only is her boyfriend a non-idol but she met him while doing missionary work in Haiti ( he was a missionary doing long term missionary work in haiti) a fact that Sunye has spoken about in a letter to her fans . I wish them the best because considering that the only family sunye has left is her grandma it’s great to see she has support from someone outside the business.

  • kenshin

    thank u for this beautifully written article. Sunye is love. 

  • Roberto Campohermoso

    She is amazing a great idol

  • http://leechanghwang.blogspot.com/ sung yuri

    an inspiration to anyone!

  • lol

    Sunye- forever making your biases look bad. can this flawless bitch get anymore perfect

  • anna

    SunYe is definitely the classiest and most mature girl in k-pop. I have yet to see any idol who is as mature, kind, and sweet as her. She sets an example for other people because she is in the public eye all the time, lost almost all her family, and working in a country that is completely foreign to her, yet she makes everything look so easy. She is so responsible.

    I think some of the immature idols in kpop should learn from her.

  • kc

    Sunye’s probably the only member in the Wondergirls that I care about, she’s so talented, nice and seems to have a good head on her shoulder so I’m happy for her.

    what I’m going to be cynical about though is the way you summed up the article by saying she’s good because she came out, it makes it sound like the people who choose to keep their relationships out of the public’s eye aren’t good… and when it all boils down to it, do you really think JYP would of even allowed her to come out with it if it hadn’t been a trend?

    there are plenty of reasons to keep your relationship a secret when you’re a celebrity, whether it’s because the company has banned it, the celebrity wishes to keep their fanbase (this mostly pertains to male celebs) or even that they’re protecting their loved one from the terrifying public that finds faults in every little thing you do- can we blame celebrities for keeping these kinds of secrets?

    when it comes down to it, it should be the choice of the celebrity on whether they wish to share something so special with the world and I think this should be done when their relationship it more developed- to me I think the couple has to have an understanding that they’re together because they love each other and not because the people outside of them are supportive or unsupportive. When it comes down to it, whether we support the couple or not it shouldn’t matter to them if they really love each other.

    so maybe Sunye feels that way, perhaps she’s at a point in her relationship where she doesn’t care if she gets the worlds approval.

    Good luck to her and her guy, since she’s a celebrity it’s gonna be a tough road for the both of them, I hope they have a good and happy relationship^^

    • teresa

      I think the writer is praising SunYe for her maturity and responsibility when it comes to her relationship. She didn’t out herself because she was caught- she took the initiative to reveal it. It shows how much she values her relationship and shows how much she is growing into a wonderful woman. The writer never said anything about hiding relationships being a bad thing, everyone’s just proud of the way she handled the situation.

    • jhg

      I agree actually.

      Wonder Girls do not have the rabid fanbase as some other groups. When the first rumor of Taecyeon and Jessica came out both sides were really affected. People told Taecyeon on twitter to kill himself. I am happy for Sunye, but not a lot of people have the privilege to admit they’re dating like she did. Se7en lost a lot of fans when he finally admitted he was dating Park Hanbyul. I don’t even want to imagine what would happen if G-Dragon admitted he’s been dating Kiko Mizuhara for a while now. It would be a mess.

    • Gazza

      While I agree that not all celebrities can’t disclose their relationships for several reasons and that this does not make them worse people, I believe what the OP was getting at was the fact that Sunye did what she would’ve done if she weren’t a celebrity- that she still tries to be true to herself regardless of her celebrity status is what is being (and should be) praised.

  • http://twitter.com/ProudVIPCassie WonderBangShinki

    I’m really happy for Sunye Eonni & although I’m a bit sad because she’s already taken, I still believe er happiness comes first. As long as she’s happy then we’ll be happy for her. Sunye & Wonder Girls Hwaiting! (^-^)

  • Smart_annio

    Oh my, what a lovely gal. She’s that girl everyone wants to love and be around. 

  • springheart

    I’m happy for her as well!!  Wish the best for the couple! 

  • Katherine

    That is why I love Sunye. I remember reading the article of her announcing that she was dating someone and thinking to myself I wonder why she revealed it to the public and one of the first things that came to my mind is she wanted to be honest about her relationship status and that she didn’t want to lie/hide it from everyone.
    It’s telling of her personality and the person she is that she openly and willingly came out and told everyone, of course her asking/discussing with JYP & the rest of the girls had a large part in her revealing this but at the end of the day she wanted to do this and she had everyone’s support.
    Watching the clip from Strong Heart you can tell Sunye is head-over-heels for this guy and what amazed me even more was that she wanted to talk more about him but since he isn’t from the industry she decided to withhold anymore information about him until he was ready.
    Can’t be happier for her and hope that this relationship continues to stay strong ^^

  • lay

    i’m not an avid fan of WG’s music but i like their personalities especially Sun Ye. and i think Yoo Bin is exotic looking and i love her voice.

    • Aya

      You read my mind. I like yoobin more with darker skin, she’s the bomb!

  • ara

    I’ve never been a fan of WG nor Sunye, but I’ve always been a fan of kindness and generosity and this girl has it all. I admire her courage and maturity for going public with her relationship. The fact that she was the one who reveal her relationship to the public herself instead of through her agency’s PR statement speaks volume to me. It shows me that she respect her fans enough to reveal to them about her relationship (despite the potential backlash that could follow) and it also shows me that she feels secure enough and strong enough about this relationship to go public with this news. 

    I hope nothing but the best for her and her boyfriend. If anyone deserves to be happy, it’s definitely Sunye 

  • Popps34

    She revealed this because she wanted publicity while they’re promoting their new album…..obviously!

    • chelle

      They don’t need publicity, all they wanted to get give their fans great music and rekindle support. They didn’t want awards or anything superficial and you can tell by the album which is tied with 6th sense as one of the best quality albums released this year by the critics. They respected their fans and music by actually caring about what they release instead of some quick cash in like other idol groups who comeback every 3 months and release generic bs. They don’t improve themselves at all and just give their fans worthless fodder. Their efforts are paying off and this comeback show that they are relevant and WG’s have staying power.

      • Huh

        What’s her relationship got to do with giving their fans “great music” and rekindling support?  Oh yeah…….some publicity for that “great music” and more support.

        • chelle

          I don’t think my comment is that hard to figure out. The previous used said Sun Ye just wants publicity for their album that is why she confessed. I don’t think that is true because that wasn’t her intention, she wanted to reveal to her fans and the people close to her she is in a happy relationship. Obviously attention will always follow when revealing something of that status but to call her out on her actions for Wonder World is false. Wg’s don’t need publicity for wonder world because they have enough as it is and the purpose of the album was not to dominate kpop but a gift to their fans and to show others that they have improved from their overseas adventure.

          (*on a side not sorry for my grammatical errors seoulbeaters!)

    • Anon

      your world will be a better place if u know about Sunye more. :)

    • Jae

      It would have been better had she been “caught” walking around town with his boyfriend. That would have gotten her more exposure, publicity, and interest from the public.

      The fact that she revealed she’s dating on Strong Heart is similar to just getting ahead of the fans. Instead of being caught holding hands with her boyfriend, she just told it like it is: “I’m dating. Deal with it,”

      What’s attention-seeking about that? The fact that it didn’t even get much publicity as Se Kyung and Jonghun dating proves that your point is unfounded. 

      • http://twitter.com/TheBlockB TheBlockB

        Totally agreed.

  • Okies

    I don’t think she should feel like it’s her responsibility to tell the public about her relationships.  Since he’s a non idol, it would’ve been easier had she not made it public.  She’s asking for exposure whether she wants it or not by going public.  Now, everyone’s going to want to find out who Mr. Sunye is.  lol

    • Anonymous

      Everyone one already knows what he looks like.  She admitted that the guy that she is pictured with that has been floating around is her BF in a letter to the wonderfuls.  She didn’t have to say anything but she chose not to deny it.  Good thing he doesn’t live in Korea so there is only so much the netizens can do in invading in their privacy. I don’t know if he even lives in the states yet since Sunye stated that he was living in Haiti as a long term missionary when they met.

  • JW

    why can people just throw all these theories/non-sense aside and let it be? She makes it public because she wants to, and Kpopers should be happy that she is welling to share with the world that she is in fact dating. And really, it depends on personal preferences, if an idol wants to tell, then they do. there is nothing about “obligation/responsiblity” she is only sharing a happy news, as simple as that. So please stop over-look into this “publicize” shit and just congrets her and the lucky bf.

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  • Mika

    “Being famous definitely places irregular pressures on idols but it’s nice to know that some idols don’t let these pressures get them and stand by their own principles.”

    I feel like this line is implying that if idols don’t own up to their relationships, then they’re not standing by their principles… And while I’m really happy for Sunye, I don’t think all idols should reveal their relationships to the public if they don’t want to.

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad to know that idols are people with feelings.

  • http://twitter.com/TheBlockB TheBlockB

    Im very proud of Sunye for being real with us. I can respect that in anybody. Sunye is an angel.

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  • Rancho

    Beast’s Junhyung.  Not Jonghyun

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