• tyounge1991

    The dresses are like the black cut out outfits that group Miss A wore. But they look like a cheap knock off of a veryyyy familiar dress…can’t put my finger on the designer though.
    The guns are corny, as always with any korean pop girl group. Sohee’s gun is quite a beauty though, wonder how much it’s worth.

    Their comeback should be your usual, underwhelming kpop comeback, all hype no bite. Like always.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TE5BH6E5AH4XDAZ3ZY64CW4MMM Jessica

      are you talking about the Roberto Cavalli that britney spears wore at, i wanna say the 2005 VMAs?…i know it was during her marriage to Kevin Federline when she didn’t announce she was preggers. it was the first thing that popped up to me and i found another dress that Petra Nemcova (model?) wore at an event, but it didn’t give the label >.<

      • tyounge1991

        No, but now that you mention it, the dress does look like that britney dress too, lol.
        I think it was a Stella McCartney design or something, the dress was velvet as well like these.

        • http://kpopglitter.tumblr.com emsie17

          Yes! Their dresses, even though they’re not the same, really reminded me of Stella McCartney and her fall 2011 collection too, I think it’s the polka dress here:


          I think it must be the way that the sleeves have a similar design (in that one sleeve is sheer and patterned whereas the other sleeve is plain black) that struck me.

          • tyounge1991

            That’s it^

            I hope those aren’t knock off, haven’t these girls met Stella before? lol
            What a huge slap in the face this would be if these aren’t her designs.

          • http://twitter.com/phannan Ana Hannah

            Johnny Wujek designed them, but I think he used that dress and another (similar to the mv pic) for inspiration.

    • http://twitter.com/ovenfreshhhhh ovenfreshhhhh ☆

      Black minidresses have always been in style, although velvet seems to be making a (rather unwelcome) comeback… There are dresses by Antik Batik, Emilio Pucci, Billabong, Asos, Warehouse, etc. that all look similar in style to what WG is wearing. You can look on Polyvore, Shopstyle, or Asos if it’s really bugging you~ ^_^


  • Revy

    Yoobin’s look is my favorite so far. She looks hot & is definitely rocking that dress

  • QueenBitch

    These bitches be rocking it.

  • http://twitter.com/PhanTheHotness Jenny

    LOVE IT! 
    They’re gonna kill with their new song.
    And i think they still have some retro in them so i’ll be looking forward to their comeback :D

  • http://twitter.com/ovenfreshhhhh ovenfreshhhhh ☆

    Don’t really care as long as Sohee sings as little as possible. She’s adorable and she has a cute talking voice, but the girl cannot fucking sing. Not well enough to be taken seriously as a singer, anyway.

    I like Yoobin’s look the best, but that dress and that pose don’t flatter her at all. I’ll blame the photographer for that one. Yenny reminds me too much of Yoona (must be the hair), even though I like Yenny 300x more and that breaks my heart… And also, I’m seeing an unhealthy amount of CL’s “chicken head” hairstyle from the Fire days. I hoped to never see that shit again and there it is on Sunye’s beautiful head. What the fuck is going on?

    Even though I have a lot of negative things to say about WG (hahaha), I’m excited for their comeback. This stems from the fact that I’ve given up on miss A and 2PM because they were hideous this year. T_T

    I’m praying that they’ll just wow everyone and take back their #1 Girl Group title.

  • becky

    I liked the style they had in American teen vogue in April, it wasn’t pretty but it was different, this is boring.
    why does seoul beats always call a new album a come back, I find it  irritating. why don’t you just say they’re releasing a new album like all normal pop writers writers do. Its not like they were gone for two years (or were they)

    • Anonymous

      “comeback” is a commonly used term in the kpop industry for a when a group releases new material, it isn’t specific to seoulbeats.  And the Wonder Girls haven’t had new music since May 2010, so it has kinda been a while.

    • http://twitter.com/phannan Ana Hannah

      Nope they weren’t! They were gone for just a week under one and a half :P

  • asianromance

    gives me a James Bond 007 feel! But I hope their new music will be inspired by the present. 

  • Anonymous

    I wasn’t that big of a fan of this set of pics but their 2nd set that came out today are much much better. I just really hope the song is good.

    • Daydream

      I agree. the second patch is much better. I am also happy that they gave Sunye a decent hair-do/wig there. 

  • Anonymous

    I like the 2nd batch of teaser pics better. But styling aside, I’m liking the look of these photos. It’s simple and plain, but I’d rather have that than hyping up a comeback a la SNSD with all the styling and different concepts, with the statement of evolving concepts from cute to mature…only to churn out a song, sound, and image that are very different from the teasers. It seems to lead fans on, get their expectations up, and then fail to deliver.

    Give me these “boring” black and white photos of 5 ladies holding guns and striking a pose and doing a good job at it (except Lim, she’s still a bit awkward).

    These girls don’t need a lot of styling and other convoluted concepts to look sexy and fierce and to try and promote a more “mature” image. They’re naturally sexy and fierce, although the sexuality/sensuality is not as blunt/noticeable as with Hyori or Kahee. 

    Put the WG in potato sacks and they’ll work the hell out of those, too. Their clothes in these photos may look cheap, but they don’t. They also don’t look like they’re trying so hard to be seen as tough and seductive (like Hyuna).

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  • Anonymous

    the thing i’m most concerned about is the retouching of the photos, they didn’t even bother with the shadows. the outfits are better in the second teaser set. it’s very wonder girls. 

    • tyounge1991

      Do they usually photoshop shadows from pictures? I never noticed this lol.

      • Anonymous

        i don’t mean the shadows itself. lol. i should’ve specified. 
        if you look closely, you could see the unedited silhouettes of the girls in the shadows which they forgot to edit. they edited their bodies – slimmer legs, flat tummies and all that but forgot to edit the shadows.

  • Jimmee

    These girls will always be retro….even when they’re trying to do modern.  lol

  • Wondergeneration

    I love their style but it reminds me of snsd run devil run with a mixture of mr. Taxi and hoot. Still I am so excited for them

  • saylor

    have you guys seen their teaser/?????? im freaking excited it looks fantastic. 

  • Sakurakisslove08

    I agree with the Chicken Hair. It seems to be over taking the K-Pop Girl World. My first experience with it is in T-ara’s Roly Poly where Ji-yeon sported it. I thought she pulled it off well but it wasn’t obstructing her face too much. Then I saw it on the cover of BEG’s Sixth Sense single and then in SNSD’s The Boy’s…and now here. I think CL in Fire was the first time I saw it but I’d be danged if it isn’t back.

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