• sup

    biggest douche in kpop ever. the sight of him thinking he’s so hot by ripping his shirt off all the time and dancing like an ape out of control annoys me. He’s so untalented it’s so ridiculous.

  • Jane

    i hate this guy soo much. Cocky, thinks he’s the shit, no talent to back up all that ego. Him going from a geek to chic must of blindsided his brain.

  • TooBad

    Apparently confident and outgoing types aren’t well liked in the kpop community.

    • John

      everytime I look at him I wanna sock him hahahahaha big teeth poser rapper

      • TooBad

        Every idol is a poser, so I guess he’s not the only idol you want to sock right?
        I feel the same about most boy groups really(especially people from YG). I try my best to ignore them though.

    • Jessie

      apparently your one of the many who think he has any talent

  • BG

    TOP could kick his ass

  • —–

    Fuck all of you . Aren’t you a bunch of sad lonely assholes , if you don’t think he’s a good performer , why do you think he’s so rich , with millions of fans worldwide , he’s in the top ranking companies in Korea , acting and singing and modeling ? If he’s a douche why doesn’t the world agree ? You guys are just a bunch of sad people just dreaming to become him . If you’re looking for douches whom are arrogant , just go back to bieber you dumb fucks .

    • johnny

      hahahahh someone fucking butt hurt. What does being a good performer have to do with being rich, millions of fans since when? WTF since when was he ever top ranking in singing?? enlighten me please. The world doesn’t even know he exist. LOL and good one bringing Bieber in it when he has nothing to do with why Taec is douchebag.

    • kpopboi

      yeah I totally wanna be a fag douche. I dream about it every night.

      for the record. I hate most if not all idol groups. And Bieber can suck my dick. there there.

  • eboy07

    The world doesn’t even know him.

  • Merewen

    LOL! He cracks me up. Grain of salt people. No need to get your panties in a twist. And one more… To each his own.

    A lot of the idols aren’t for everyone that doesn’t make them bad or unlikeable people. It’s a matter of personal taste. Example…. I can’t stand many, if not all of the girl groups. Not because I’m a woman, but because I don’t like the way they sing songs. The high pitched cutesy thing… I don’t find cute. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to dog them out every chance I get. I means I’ll pretty much ignore them, until they make a song I like. Oh. Sometimes I’ll comment on their need of chitterlings and collard greens to fatten themselves up a bit. But I’m not mean or ignorant about it.

    Taecyeon does things his fans like. If his fans want to see him ripping his shirt off, then that’s what he does. If you don’t like him that’s fine. Like I said, To each his own. But don’t turn into one of those batshit crazy netizens that make the Korean celebrities lives difficult. Have some self-respect.

    • sierra

      He’s an ass.

      • Cady

        lol ass douchebag, egotistcial, geek, poser, fake rapper wannabe, no talent

        • Merewen

          What’s the saying? Opinions are like @zzholes and everybody’s got one.

          • inwe

            everything you said previously, I totally agree with 100%.

  • Bday

    No talent? LOL I think so. Anyway, to stand where he is now, he’s worked with what he has, 185 cm tall with hot body plus a sharp look. No joke! I saw his real person, he’s da bomb!!!. And I’ve been watching lives n concerts. If u ask me who’s the most energy and the best entertaining skills, it’s HE. There’re a bunch of better rappers in K-pop world for sure. They may cover his raps easily but not his energy. I think some of u guys shd be a little more positive.. finding something what u and others have not the lacks.

  • kes

    easy ppl.. What with all the negative and swearing comments?
    If you don’t like him, than just say it. – Why all those verbal attack?

    • kpopboi




      fuck shit and piss poo.
      . sorry couldn’t resist.

  • ngy

    self-contradictory remarks with serious self vanity issue. what a douche

  • Becca

    Are you serious? What’s up with all these negative comments? Taec definitely doesn’t deserve all the bashing. But oh well….he’s the one signed to a multi-millionaire company and is a member of one of the most popular boy groups in korea…plus he’s really handsome. LOL. Bash all you want…he’s still going to be richer and better looking than any of ya’ll.

  • Meena

    Um, I’m pretty sure Jia was the one who wrote the “Don’t call me oppa” part. Taec was retweeting Jia, not sending a tweet to Jia. The only part he said was the Korean, translated something like “Seriously… you’re sexy though??” That has absolutely nothing to do with him being over-confident (or simply confident?) Even if it probably won’t change anyone’s opinion on him, I felt that needed clarification. :)

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