• http://tune-n2-im.com Ciera88
  • http://tune-n2-im.com Ciera88

    You should check out Rude Paper too ^^

  • Sandy Claws

    Am I the only one who went “what’s Taec doing with that wig?” when first looking at the top photo?

  • Sallytiana

    wow!! i can totally skank to 2NE1’s lonely!! hahahahah i love it!:) i’m from Hawaii and this song can sooo be bumpin on the radios before anyone shouts “wait! its not in English!!” hahahahahahahahah:P

  • ladysaw

    2EN1 was the only reggae sounding song, but only one sing to the beat was the Blonde with the sixties do, she pulled off the dancehall style. The rest kept it POP with the reggae beat. I love that Black music is so being used constantly in this kpop scene. http://www.lovinit.com (*_^)

  • http://playcandynyny.wordpress.com NyNy

    Somehow I add when they add a little reggae beat to K-Pop songs, but not much. I understand what you mean about miss A however it’s the dance that makes people see it as not reggae, BUT BASHMENT OR DANCEHALL. I’ve shown people who are also from the Caribbean and they like the song.

    2NE1 have the influence on some of their songs. Somehow I think 2NE1 and miss A work well with.

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