f(x)’s Victoria is gorgeous.

I think she’s one of the prettiest women in KPOP in fact. However, there have been moments when Victoria has downright frightened me.


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And now with the recently released Caribbean Bay photos,I think I understand why.

Aegyo is the Korean word that represents a cute, innocent, and yet vivacious charm. SNSD’s “Gee” is essentially an aegyo overdose. Now, aegyo can be charming, even though it has been known to get a bad rap on the international KPOP fandom circuit. But it really depends on the individual. In my experience, I have found aegyo endearing when coming from children, when in moderation, and when done delicately. Do I think Victoria pulls this off? No.

I’ve always thought that Victoria’s beauty came from her classic, beautiful, radiant features. So when she does the whole ‘aegyo’ thing, honestly, it can be terrifying. Visually, she looks like a murderous doll and personally, it just comes off as fake and annoying.

But she’s not the only female idol who uses aegyo and uses it in a manner that can turn off fans. She is one example of many, in fact. Having been a fan of KPOP for many years, I have noticed the trend and though I don’t believe aegyo is the devil’s whisper, sometimes I become confused when women who can’t pull it off committ to such appeals.

I understand why aegyo is appealing. The culture values youth and acting in such a manner is youthful. But if it doesn’t suit a woman, is it still valuable? If it doesn’t suit her, does that put her under more pressure to act in such a manner?