• LaLa

    It’s nice to see that people are standing up against unfairness and manipulation. But there are a few things in this article that are a bit odd to me.

    Buying back your albums, what does that have to do with Music Bank? If these companies do so, and their groups become number one on the charts, than what is MB doing wrong in placing the groups at number one? The problem lays with the companies, not Music Bank. (Also, how is 4Minute a rookie? I get that Rainbow still falls under that category because they’re not that popular, but 4M has had atleast one big hit and people are quite familiar with them… 4Minutes Left doing so well is not a case of buying back albums if you ask me).

    Secondly, about those performances being cut short. They aren’t cut short, performances being around 2-3 minutes per song is the norm. Music Core and Inkigayo have it aswell. Alot of people have to perform, and the music shows only have a limited amount of airtime.

    And lastly, the KBS-YG issue. I’m a fan, but this is something that has been really annoying me. KBS is acting childish, but YG isn’t clean either. I find YG to be extremely arrogant in all of this. Does it really matter to BB wether they do one or two songs on ONE show? They’re one of the most popular bands in South-Korea, as if they need the extra screen time. YG should have been the wise one a long time ago, and just go with it.

    • nhoki

      regarding the KBS-YG issue, as you already know, BB did perform one song for their comeback on Music bank but the stage KBS prepared for them was really crappy. I just watched f(x) comeback stage the other day, and you can clearly see the difference in treatment. They don’t need extra screen time, but us fans want to see them perform 2 songs too.

    • J

      Nah. After what MuBank did to BB when YGE finally agreed on the terms, I’m totally with YGE on this one. It’s just not about the number of songs performed (because YGE already agreed to begin with), it’s the obvious power tripping the PD does and the hypocrisy along with it because the PD even had the gall to say that they were being ‘fair’ to everyone in their press releases. That plus the obvious fuck-ups they had in their charting system for quite some time now.

      I have to agree that YG did have quite a lot of arrogant decisions, but in this situation, I totally get it.

      • BIP


  • Patrick

    I believe the results have always been rigged. How else can you explain that before the final tallies of the votes the final three are all basically tied, with almost the exact same score than one comes out on top. Seems phoney to me.

  • Xenia

    Well, the weak companies with not-so-popular idol groups need to advertise their girls somehow. If they win something (anything) it’s, probably, the only chance for them to get noticed and invited to shows, CFs and such, no? I don’t mean that it’s fair tactics – of course not – but it’s kind of understandable.

  • Ace_ikin92

    idk why..but i don’t like Music Bank..Music Bank just too biased toward certain artist like SNSD,Super Junior or maybe WHOLE SM Ent. artist..

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  • http://twitter.com/MassMinority Tamar Linger

     Buying back albums is pretty counter-productive, if you ask me; why spend so much money making an album, then burn another hole in your pocket getting all your stock back again? What about those fans who have been supporting their idols by loyally purchasing every single album? It’s an injustice to them, seriously.” 

    EXACTLY i think its just bullshit but i will always think just produce an album good enough for me to WANT to buy it and i will buy it. i like kpop for the music but if its shit youre not getting my money no matter how much i like the artist or the 05864545 page photobook that comes with it.

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