• bell

    Min ! Fighting!

    ,your biggest fan

  • wootwoot

    i know it must have been really hard for her to come to a foreign country to train and learn the language at the same time. but is it really possible to not be able to contact ur family in 21th century. she may not have been able to go back and see them but she could’ve talked to them. i feel like this is one of those Korean celebrity dramatization of their life moment.

    • kc

      well it’s not like she was living in luxury, not everyone in America has a cellphone or access to a computer with internet, and since she was either training or working she couldn’t just pop over to a local library any time she wanted…

    • asianromance

      I wonder abt this too because people still write letters- snail-mail style. One of my friends, who is a korean adoptee, even writes (a physical letter) to her birth mother, who lives in South Korea, at least twice a year and they aren’t even that close.

      I wonder if news stories had misinterpreted something like “no physical contact” into something like “no contact at all”.

      • kc

        well,what she said was translated into eng so it could be lost in translation

    • gaki

      I don’t know, but what about those students who studied overseas? They need to study like mad as well, some have part-time jobs too, and some couldn’t call their family for months and can’t return home every year either, but they didn’t make a big deal out of it. So yeah, I agree with your last sentence. Dramatization of their life moment.

  • http://mykoreancrush.blogspot.com Matthew

    I love how my comment got deleted about this girl being a hoe when she was in LA

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