Yes in no less than two years after their debut, it is the second coming of Wonder Girls. Apparently, JYP China has been working over time prepping the Chinese version of the Wonder Girls, named “Sisters”, for their official debut. The group was introduced by JYP’s ballad quartet 2AM while they were doing promotions for their recent release “A Friend’s Confession” in China. In these newly uploaded videos, the girls perform Wonder Girls’ “Nobody (Rainstone Remix)” and do a special “hip hop” dance to “Booty Bangs” by Jessi Malay. Surprisingly, their voices are pretty good, of course we are still talking about idol standards of good, but good nonetheless. The dancing in both videos was smooth but at the same time, pretty emotionless. But hey, maybe they have first time jitters, I’ll cut them some slack for that.


These girls may not be drop dead gorgeous, but they do have “potential talent in singing” and uniformity in dancing. But why would JYP go through all this trouble shipping Wonder Girls off to America where they will go up against the likes of Beyoncé, Britney Spears, and Miley Cyrus? Shouldn’t he have spent his efforts on pulling a Napoleon on the rest of Asia and creating his own little empire? Baby steps dude, baby steps!


*For the record, the choreography for the hip hop dance appears to be taken directly from a Youtube video posted by a dance teacher in New York named Luam Keflezgy. Intellectual property is the most difficult to protect from plagiarism, so unfortunately, the video has been removed.

Here is the hip hop routine, their moves are fluid, but I don’t get the feeling they are enjoying this performance.

The best part of this version is the girl singing Sohee‘s lines!