“No hesitating; you only got 6 minutes to save the world.”
Okay, it’s not save the world serious; but many 2NE1 fans are seriously bouncing off the walls in anticipation for their stage debut. The debut, which takes place in Korea in a few hours, will supposedly last a little more than 6 minutes. Reports from SBS’s music program Inkigayo confirmed that the filming of an elaborate intro segment took the entire day of May 15th  to complete. 2Ne1’s  intro required the construction of three new stage sets and the use of “body mount cameras”. I think those are the contraptions that are attached to the singer’s waist with a camera directly in front of their face. Coincidentally, every time I have seen these cameras used, when the performer moved, they made them look intoxicated with their constant swaying motion.
YG Entertainment knows that people have big expectations for this group’s debut, and have ensured 2ne1 fans that everything has been “carefully prepared.”
Good Luck to all you fans staying up till 12 am on the West coast and 3 am on the East coast to watch the live feed from Korea.
“Drink Red Bull and Prosper”