Since leaving JYP Entertainment in 2021, Youngjae has enjoyed a fruitful solo career, releasing two extended plays, Sugar and Colors from Ars. Not slowing down, Youngjae has now released his first studio album titled Do It. With his lead single of the same name, Youngjae continues to stick with vibrant songs that put the focus on his vocal skills. While the song’s theme and lyrics may be generic, the MV’s action-packed concept keeps the audience intrigued at every turn.

While the song itself is on the simple side, Youngjae and his agency decided to go with a movie concept for the MV. Movies create picture-perfect scenarios for a couple to fall in love and have everything go to plan. However, for “Do It,” the concept is flipped upside down by having each scene go wrong. In fact, in the very first scene, Youngjae’s persona is hit by a speeding vehicle. The set-up is like the film Groundhog Day, with Youngjae waking up in his bed after each scene goes wrong. The MV even takes famous scenes from other films, like Spider-Man, with Youngjae playing the part of the quick-thinking hero by catching the female lead and all of the food items on a tray. However, reality always hits a bit differently, with Youngjae’s persona always being foiled in some way in his quest for love. Obviously, the MV is meant to be dynamic and comical to keep the audience captivated.

The MV stays intriguing by not just sticking with typical romantic scenes, but also including scenes from horror and action movies. For example, there is a zombie invasion scene, with Youngjae as the hero, and his romantic interest getting bitten. There is even an impressive car chase with Youngjae as the getaway driver, only to realize he forgot to wait for the female lead to jump in the car. Not every scene ends the same way, or even as dramatically, sometimes Youngjae’s persona just misses the mark. Overall, there is a nice mix of genres and different concepts to keep the MV entertaining from beginning to end. 

The lyrics for “Do it” stay shallow, but Youngjae’s vocal skills along with the melody help elevate it. Even when he sings the simple lyrics, “Do it, do it, do it,” he does so in a way to make it sound like scatting. This parallels nicely when he does actual scatting for the “ta-ta ra” parts of the song. His vocals are smooth and easily move up and down the lyrics of the song without any sign of breathlessness. It’s interesting to note that Youngjae is the type of singer who can easily tackle a ballad, but he has generally chosen to keep his lead singles flirty with upbeat melodies.

Regardless of the simple lyrics, the song’s theme fits perfectly with the concept of the video. The voice of the song is loudly making their feelings known to a romantic interest, and saying that they will move at their pace. So, just like the voice of the song, Youngjae tries in different ways to catch the interest of the female lead in the MV:

Do it, do it, do it your way and move
If you want, come with me and just groove
All I think about is you
I dare to want to know you, I don’t wanna let you go
Ta-ta-ra, ta-ra-ta
Got me feeling like ta-ta-ra, ta-ra-ta
Do it, do it, do it your way and move
I want to show your heart, baby, I don’t wanna let you go

The choreography for “Do It” also fits nicely with the melody of the song. In between these scenes, Youngjae is showing off a lively dance routine with both male and female backup dancers. The background for the dance scene is a green field filled with pop-up art of bright flowers, giving us a touch of springtime in this autumn weather. Youngjae smiles big throughout the scenes, reminding the audience that despite some of the grim scenes, this is a fun song. The camera work helps highlight the hops and bounces of the dance routine by moving along with Youngjae’s moves as opposed to staying static. 

For the finale, the dance choreography moves to a more romantic background with yellow flowers on the field and falling from the sky. While Youngjae and his dance crew wore casual clothing before, now they are all in black suits adding a different tone to the MV’s finale. The dance routine remains bubbly though, despite the transition to a more romantic mood.

Overall, the MV for “Do It” is very entertaining, with a variety of scenes to keep everyone entertained. The goal of the MV was not to simply create a narration for the song, but to think out of the box when it comes to love scenes. Youngjae has definitely managed to stand out from his other Got7 members by simply focusing on his vocal skills, and providing an MV that grabs the attention of the audience.

(YouTube. Lyrics via Lyricsfa. Images via Sublime Artist Agency.)