Not going to lie, I never really paid much attention to Youngjae whenever I listened to Got7‘s music, but his first mini album, Colors from Ars, made my head turn so fast; now all I do is look out for his voice in every Got7 song. Despite having released solo tracks before, Colors from Ars is his first mini album, and the vibrant and upbeat tone throughout the entire album leads to me grooving out in my room.

Colors with Ars delves into a spectrum of emotions, much like the colours of a rainbow. With seven songs on the album, each song feels like it represents one colour from the rainbow, the first half taking on a funkier and happy mood, while the second half mellows down. The album opens with “Beautiful”, a chilled and laidback song that kicks off this idea of freedom and living life as it comes. This transitions well into “Tasty” and “Vibin”, my personal favourite songs in this album, for they feel like the perfect songs for a summer love story. 

Even as summer leaves us, Youngjae continues on with this exhilaration, almost as if he is welcoming the sadder seasons with open arms, promising to live life to the fullest despite the upcoming adversities. Lyrically, they are filled with poetic prose, and there is a sense of carefreeness and liberation that comes with the youthful lyrics. It propels the listener to take charge of their own lives and simply enjoy the time they have with their loved ones, very much the message of every coming-of-age film ever made.

Can’t nobody slow us down
Keep it going now
Our only love song
Lean on my back
Do anything together
It’s better because we’re together

“Roses” takes on a dreamier melody, delving into the more psychedelic side of things. There is something so vivid and colourful with his delivery, and mixed together with the beautifully written lyrics, the song immediately puts you in a good mood. The metaphor of love blooming in his lyrics are very much present musically, and Youngjae paints a beautiful picture of love with his soulful voice. Also, Youngjae’s naturally airy voice pairs well with his songs, allowing the listener to feel as if they are floating in space as they listen to his voice. This feeling is also present in the track “Moonlight”, where we hear more of his falsettos. It creates a romantic feeling, and it simply makes one want to fall deeply in love and share small, tender moments with their partners.

Roses over you
Your perfume revolves around
Light breeze feeling higher
Red, yellow, blue
Our colours are spreading like
Light breeze, feeling higher
We bloom, roses
Pretty roses that resemble you
Everything is better with you like
Light breeze, feeling higher

The final track on the album, “Lonely”, is filled with despair and emptiness. Although it seems like a devastating note to end the album on, it is filled with so much raw emotion that it is almost cathartic. He laments over being all alone in a big, empty space, so big that it is almost drowning him, a feeling I am sure many of us have experienced before. While the Covid19 pandemic seems to be plateauing, with many countries accepting it as part of our daily lives, it has left a huge impact on us. Many relationships we had have taken a toll, and while the emotional strain is not visible, it can certainly be felt.

With people being apart from each other for so long, we may have potentially lost our connections with each other, and even when reunited, it feels as if we are alone even in a room full of people. It is unfortunate, and bittersweet, and to be able to hear these emotion expressed in “Lonely” is extremely cathartic and liberating.

No matter who I meet
I am not comforted
Thinking it was just for a moment
I am still left alone
I comfort myself alone
I’m lonely like this everyday

Colors from Ars is a solid album, showcasing Youngjae’s abilities and talents not only as a vocalist, but also as a songwriter and a producer. He is definitely a soloist whose works are worth keeping an eye out for in the future. With him tackling a full spectrum of emotions in this album, we all wonder: just what will he do next?

(YouTube. Lyrics and Images via Sublime Artist Agency)