After releasing rock-charged singles “Alive” and “Back to Me,” The Rose have followed up with “You’re Beautiful.” From angsty rock-heavy singles to a breezy and soft ballad, their choices in singles truly show their versatility when it comes to music. It also perfectly aligns with the concept of the album, Dual. By presenting different facets of the rock genre and their own creativity, they show us the two sides of their musical abilities. They are not just amazing rock performers, but also great musical writers. 

When it comes to blending rock with K-pop, The Rose are surely not the first. While there have been, and still are, rock groups in K-pop, The Rose have been fairly consistent lately when it comes to comebacks. As such, it is clear they currently hold the throne with their classic take on rock-n-roll. What makes them more unique, though, is that they do not let the genre hold them back, and are not afraid to tone their music for the sake of the lyrics. Instrumentally, “You’re Beautiful” is fairly stripped down, which allows the lyrics and voices of the members to be the focus of the song.

The weather in “You’re Beautiful” holds some symbolism when it comes to states of the mind. The cloudy skies and wind in the air show that the seasons are changing–we are currently in between summer and autumn. This concept bears some similarities to the group’s earlier single, “Red,” which also occurred during that in-between season. While some people may associate the cold with sadness, it definitely depends on a person’s mentality. The four members are dressed in bright pop of colors, and the smiles on their faces that show they still are feeling that summer vibe. While they cannot control the weather, they can control their mindset regarding it, regardless of the lack of sun. 

The MV is free of flashy special effects and even their instruments. When it comes to symbolism and their use of nature, it has some similarities to the MV for “Childhood,” which is about the purity of innocence. It is clear that after creating moodier MVs for “Alive” and “Back to Me,” they wanted to do a complete 180 degrees for “You’re Beautiful.” Forgoing the costume changes, and the rock-style music, “You’re Beautiful” is a stripped-down version of themselves. As such, the MV is more simplistic to focus on the message of their lyrics.

The use of nature to symbolize beauty is not about the aesthetics. What is important about the MV and the lyrics is beauty as a concept. The idea that beauty is created through one’s mindset is expressed fairly simply with the concept of the MV. For instance, the members are laughing and playing around together to show their carefree attitude. The beauty is not because of the landscape or even the weather, but rather their own attempts to take control of their self-care. This is exactly what is clarified in the lyrics as well:

Oh, beauty’s just the state of mind
You don’t even have to try
Don’t let them tell you otherwise
You’re beautiful, I’ll tell you why
I love the way that you’re designed
Lovе the way we intertwine
Still don’t need a reason why
You’re beautiful and now you’re mine

With the ballad, Woosung and Dojoon switch back and forth with equal tenderness in their voices. Unlike with “Alive” and “Back to Me,” Woosung holds back on his signature vibrato voice. Instead, he breathes more air into the lyrics, especially when it comes to the main chorus. Dojoon, who has a more straightforward voice, hits the notes with a softness that brings forward his sincerity in the lyrics. While Woosung has always been a charismatic lead singer, it is great to see them both hold back in order to create this simple yet beautiful song. While the song never reaches too much of a height, and instead, drifts away with creating a calming ending.

Ever since The Rose switched to a different agency, they have not been holding back when it comes to growing with their music. They continue to surprise us at every turn with beautiful ballads and songs that no doubt will become classics. Additionally, Dojoon has been coming into his own a singer in equal roles with Woosung. As they continue to grow and make music together, there is no doubt they will keep breathing fresh air into the genre of K-pop.

(Youtube. Lyrics via Genius. Images via Transparent Arts.)