The Rose returned with their first comeback of the year titled, “Red.” It is getting close to the end of summer but the MV still ticks off just about every summer trope that you would expect to see. However, there are little details in the MV to show that it is a segue between the summer and fall season. It also tries to differentiate itself with its use of color and outfit choices. It is not one of their most unique MVs. However, the MV is still full of energy and interesting aesthetics that fans will enjoy.

At first glance, “Red” is nothing more than a summer MV. The members are frolicking on the beach, running aimlessly on a rooftop, and of course, there is always a couch needlessly in an outside setting. However, on closer inspection, the MV is a last attempt to enjoy summer before the change of weather.

Signs of the upcoming fall season are shown through the color and weather. Although it does not look like its freezing, we see the sky is cloudy and the wind is blowing in the member’s faces. Just a look at the MV, and you can feel the chilly breeze on the beach. Unlike a summer MV, instead of bright and yellow highlights, the MV instead has a tint of cool blue. The colors, in general, are the dark side which allows for the pops of red and some blue to stand out. Ultimately, the blue tint is another indication of the changing weather giving the MV a different look than your average summer MV.

On top of the chill weather and cool colors, the members are not wearing conventional outfits for the summer. Even on the beach, they are all wearing black or charcoal colored outfits. Against the blue sea, they almost look out of place if not for their pumped-up energy. Additionally, they are also seen wearing suits that look like they were plucked from an 80’s new wave band. The layered clothing also hints at the change of weather and gives the members a more old school rocker look.

While ending with a party is another typical summer cliche, “Red” has more of a rave or music festival feel. Woosung is even wearing large glitter on his face as they all switched to more casual clothing. The setting switches from day to night allowing the use of light to create a vibrant party scene. There are sparklers, laser lights, and even fog adding color to the gray schemed background. The lights flicker on and off amplifying the raver look of the ending scene and giving it a burst of energy. Overall, the shots are fast and lively fitting well with the climax of the song.

The song itself is a pop-rock song with a melody that never seems to pick up. However, Woosung brings a lot of life and passion to the song that you cannot help but still be enthralled by it. The lyrics are about wanting to be free and as energized as the color red. The words of the song match perfectly with the feel and look of the MV:

I wanna be red
Just like the burning fire in front of me
I wanna be red
Just like the sky painted in red
I don’t care
I wanna be

Red has a significant meaning to the song and it is tied into the MV’s visuals as well. As explained before, the blue and gray tints of the MV help instances of red stand out. However, what they chose to make red in the MV does not look like it has any other deeper symbolism. Instead, it just adds to the aesthetics of the MV. If anything, it is the member’s energy in the MV that better exemplifies the meaning of red as related to the song’s lyrics.

The Rose’s “Red,” while showcasing some of your basic summer scenes, tries to add some flair with its use of color and changing weather. We see that “Red” shows an attempt to enjoy the ending summer nights before it is all over. Although the concept is a little bit different, this is still not one of The Rose’s distinctive MV’s. Regardless, the members still kill every scene with their charms bringing life to the tired concept.

(Youtube, lyrics via ColorCoded, images via J&Star Company.)