K-pop has recently gone full throttle on “noise music,” embracing the mash up of different genres and creating tracks that shock more often than not. NCT (“Sticker“), aespa (“Next Level,” “Savage“) and SM Entertainment, in general, could be seen as the leaders driving this shift alongside the “pots and pans” sound of Stray Kids (“God’s Menu,” “Thunderous“).

Girl groups are also firmly staking their claim in this era of noise, as the debuts and comebacks of 2022 have proven. Purple Kiss‘s “memeM” dabbles a little in changing up rhythms, and Red Velvet‘s “Feel My Rhythm” combines the smooth texture of classical music with modern production. “RUN2U” by StayC brings the beeps and bops of hyperpop to their discography, while the newest kids on the block, NMIXX, take listeners on a wild journey in their twisty debut, “O.O.”