Welcome to the first episode of Pass the K-popcorn, where the Seoulbeats team get together to discuss their thoughts on K-entertainment and share their personal experiences.

Being a K-entertainment writer can at once be exciting and educational, but also pressurizing when having to face potential backlash from readers. On this episode of Pass the K-popcorn, Siena, Qing, and Karen gather to discuss their motivations behind applying to be part of the Seoulbeats team back in the day and how they have grown as writers over the years.

Listen to it here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1xCAdUGdJBWVO77DUmh9B1?si=45faedb4cb52468a

02:04 Why did we decide to apply to be a writer with Seoulbeats?

10:43 Talking about the unique experiences of being a Seoulbeats writer

12:06 Finding community in Seoulbeats, staff passes, and broadening our tastes

18:00 Siena’s journey back to watching K-dramas, and discovering K-indie and K-hip hop

20:00 Accountability as writers, ensuring credibility, and engaging with sociocultural tensions

24:18 Looking back on our articles and talking about reader feedback

36:49 Advice for aspiring K-pop writers

Recruitment is ongoing till Sunday, October 17 at 11:59 PM EST. More details can be found here: https://seoulbeats.com/2021/10/join-the-seoulbeats-writing-and-social-media-team-7/

(Music by lrobinson_sds from Pixabay)