Spring usually conjures up all things pink and lovely, cheerful and refreshing: new pops of color brighten the closet, lighter clothes and warmer days call for iced coffee or boba, and the common theme of love resurfaces through seasonal K-pop releases. It’s a welcome, albeit familiar transition from the bitter winter cold, and at first I wasn’t too sure how to curate a playlist that’ll speak anything new to this season.

But that’s when I realized that not everyone might share the same tune regarding love — meaning, some can feel broken up in spring. Whether literally or figuratively, there may be those who feel colder, lonelier, or will have to re-learn what it means to stand solo. To get back up on one’s own two feet and grow stronger to someday walk as light as the flowers that drink up the sun.

So here’s a playlist meant for the rest of us: those who will take time this spring to heal and grow warm, not only under the sun but within ourselves as well. The selected songs represent the numerous feelings, aesthetics, and temperatures that spring can inhibit: a strange mix of cold, warm, sweet, yet bitter elements that redefine the experience for each one of us.