November has come in the blink of an eye, bringing with it both chills and deadlines. As remote working continues to be the norm, keeping one’s focus has sadly become an entirely new ballgame. In that regard, here is a soft playlist for all those who need some company while stu-dying and having their brains flooded. Inspired by the cold breezes yet warm colors of fall, this playlist will wind you through both somber and sweet tunes to keep you calm and (hopefully) focused.

Generally, the first half of the playlist is curated to set in the mood: a quiet, cool mood reminiscent of white, cloudy mornings. Then the acoustics and soft vocals will trickle in, keeping the atmosphere light and your resolve steady. Should you need a break, feel free to bounce around anywhere in the playlist to unwind and breathe — this multi-faceted set will give you all that you need. 

Should you feel led, feel free to leave comments or other song recommendations below!