Ahead of their early November comeback with their tenth EP, Mamamoo pre-released “Dingga”. The term dingga dingga means to hang around at home, not doing much, which is an all too familiar idea for most of us by now. The retro MV for “Dingga” is a fun, celebratory anthem about hanging out and relieving stress with friends.

The song too is about having fun with friends, but it is also reminiscent of pre-COVID-19 times where most of us did not have to spend so much time at home. The good times that Mamamoo and many of their fans should be enjoying as youth are largely spent at home as the end of the pandemic is nowhere in sight (yet).

The lyrics are relatable to a lot of us around the world, as a full summer has passed under the pandemic and norms about staying home has become a routine that many may be sick of. They miss being able to meet and hang out with friends, and describe the feelings of isolation and loneliness brought on by being home alone for an extended amount of time.

Since some time the distance with society has become quite far
This summer has all gone by
I have cold sweats
Night or day, I’m going round and round in the same place

This is not the first song or MV to incorporate the current pandemic. Crush’s “Mayday” did so back in May, but “Dingga” takes a different approach as it invites viewers to live vicariously through Mamamoo as they have fun:

Young days fade out
Where are you going, friend
Brush off the collected dust
Let’s walk on our own
Let’s role play

As promised, Mamamoo have their fair share of fun on our behalf. Together they enjoy mundane activities that are sometimes considered a luxury given the current pandemic. They get ice cream together, ride scooters and roller-skates, and even take shots together at a bar. Despite being fairly regular activities people enjoyed with their friends, many of these activities might be inaccessible depending on where you are in the world.

The MV for “Dingga” even features a dance break for Wheein and Moonbyul. Their dancers, wearing masks, cheer them on behind them. The dance break is an abrupt shift from the rest of the MV because it is not part of the actual song. The scene was incorporated into the MV for the sole purpose of amusement because, honestly, who doesn’t love a good dance party once in a while?

Visually, “Dingga” is heavily retro-inspired with props and sets that evoke images of American drive-in theaters and old diners. Sets include a roller derby, where Solar has her solo scenes and everybody later congregates for a roller-skating party. They lounge in an old-school car, wishing they could go for a real ride somewhere. Disco balls and neon signs can be spotted in many of the scenes, adding splashes of colour and fun.

Though the outfits are not necessarily retro, they deserve a mention as well. From the relatively simple crop-top and jeans combinations to Solar’s Chanel blazer and skirt, the styling is both fun and outrageous. Sparkles are everywhere, from clothes to shoes to the matching silver masks the members sport in one scene. Though dressing up to go out with friends might seem like a thing of the past, there is no reason that we cannot dress up at home too, as Hwasa’s green feathery outfit shows us.

“Dingga” is perhaps not the best showcase of Mamamoo’s talents but it is still an upbeat and catchy pre-release that hypes up the upcoming title track. Indeed, the pre-release aspect is hard to ignore. The end of the MV blatantly teases the audience with a taste of the official comeback. Hwasa struts, wearing all black, into a room bathed in red light and is handed a pick-axe from someone waiting for her. If you did not know they were going to be releasing new material soon, you do now. In contrast to the enjoyment that was “Dingga”, however, their title track seems to be a much more ominous affair.

The MV for Mamamoo’s “Dingga” is fun and an uplifting one meant to cheer those of us stuck at home, as well as tease for their comeback. The audience is invited to live vicariously through Mamamoo as they meet up and go out to have fun, though their official comeback teases to be a completely different mood.

(YouTube. Images via RBW. Lyrics via Kgasa)