With everyone (hopefully) staying at home as much as possible, there has been an influx of content from your favourite idols–be it an early release of a single or an album, surprise VLives of them doing mundane things while interacting with fans, or an Instagram Live that doesn’t end until 3am in the morning. Furthermore, the songs released during this period of time have become chicken soup for the soul, and Crush‘s “Mayday” soothes the feeling of boredom with hilarity and relatability.

When I first watched the MV for “Mayday”, I found myself laughing at how absurd the visuals were, especially since it was shot like one of those home videos that parents have of their children (which makes sense, considering the fact that he named his latest EP homemade 1). The weird camera angles, the constant zoom-ins onto Crush’s face, the shaky video quality… when paired with Crush’s silly antics, the result is a true masterpiece.

The MV and melody take on a lighthearted tone, while the lyrics express what it’s like to be bored out of one’s mind–a feeling I’m sure many people can relate right now. I usually only look at the lyrics during my second viewing of the MV, so I was once again fooled by the upbeat tune and dramatically funny MV. Then again, the titled of the song is “Mayday”, so I really should have seen the mildly sad lyrics coming. 

Throughout the MV, we see Crush engage in a series of activities, be it having a date with himself, spying on the two “ghosts”–one of the ghosts turning out to be the cutest dog to ever exist–or channelling some serious Masterchef cooking in his kitchen. Everything he does is a whole mood, and it perfectly showcases what boredom can do to you when you’re stuck in one place for a long time.

What’s wrong with me?
I did absolutely nothing today but I’m exhausted
Why is it so hard just to relax, mayday
Somebody help me, mayday
Somebody mayday, mayday, mayday

However, my absolute favourite part of the MV is the appearance of Red Velvet’s Joy. She emerges from a badly-made cardboard castle with mist surrounding her, and captivates the viewers with her sweet visuals and vocals. The way she moves and poses for the camera makes for compelling visuals, especially when she comes down the stairs while wind blows at her such that her long black locks would flow behind her.

Not to mention, someone haphazardly throws a bunch of rose petals in the air as she came down, and I loved how homemade and cheesy the entire set up was. Joy even kabedons Crush–the act of pushing someone up against the wall and blocking any exit by placing your hands on the wall beside their head, often depicted in Japanese pop culture and older K-drama romances. While it’s usually a tsundere male lead who kabedons, “Mayday” gender-bends this cliche: Joy swoops in like a saviour, freeing Crush from his never-ending cycle of boredom.

It’s okay, boy
No need to hurry
Whatever day it may be
I’m here for you

The MV ends with Crush clinking wine glasses with Joy, a nice parallel to his “forever-alone” shot earlier in the MV, and the two look very happy on their date together. The overall mood of the MV is relaxed and hilarious, and the catchy tune makes you want to listen to it over and over again. Truly chicken soup for the soul.

(YouTube. Lyrics and images via P Nation.)