Two seasons down, two more to go. With spring and summer gone, fall is here to help transition us into the winter chill. While autumn is expected to bring in colorful leaves, another round of Starbucks’ pumpkin cream cold brew, and shorter sunlight, I personally found it brings a new form of expectations. Based on what stage of life you’re in, there’ll nonetheless be changes in pace and routine. I for one find myself more rushed, considering how the incoming chill signals a year’s end. Self-reflection will most likely occur either this or next month, as we study our new year’s resolutions and consider if we’ve reached them so far.

Or, I find myself drowsy, comforted by the leaving heat and the signs of progress that’s leading to 2020’s wrap-up. It’s been a chaotic year to say the least, and it’s more than okay to feel worn out from it all. Allow the incoming chill and change in pace to help you occasionally embrace laziness, as you curl up another hour in bed. This playlist will be the perfect accompaniment for that in-between state: not exactly asleep, but not quite awake to face the day.