Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review! Here’s all the news you might have missed:


  • Warning: mentions of self harm and suicide. Through a series of posts on her personal Instagram, former AOA member Mina revealed that she was bullied throughout her time in AOA by former leader, Jimin.
    • In her first post, Mina explained that while her father was dealing with late stage pancreatic cancer, Jimin told her she was “ruining the mood,” and made her afraid of openly showing her worry and grief even after he passed. This was only one of multiple incidents of Jimin and FNC belittling her feelings and needs.
    • She has since sought treatment for depression and panic disorder, but the trauma continued even after Jimin apologized at Jimin’s father’s funeral.
    • In another post, Mina elaborated that the bullying was so severe that she self-harmed and attempted to take her own life more than once.
    • After initially denying the claims, Jimin took to Instagram to issue an apology.
    • Following the series of posts, it was shared that the AOA members, including Jimin, went to Mina’s house. While Jimin claims to not remember a lot of what Mina described, Mina says she ultimately received an apology and has decided to accept it.
    • Later that day, FNC announced Jimin’s departure from AOA and said they took responsibility for the situation.
    • Mina’s agency, Woori Actors, put out a statement saying that they will continue to prioritize Mina’s mental health and well-being.
  • Day6‘s Jae took to Twitter to air his grievances with JYP after they asked him to take down his personal YouTube channel while supporting other member’s personal content. JYP swiftly issued an apology and both sides agreed it was a miscommunication.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Sunmi‘s “pporappippam” combined a good dose of retro and whimsy for the perfect summer MV.
  • 3YE came back with “Yessir.”
  • Ab6ix struggled to find “the Answer” in their latest MV. Our writer shares their take here.
  • Things got pretty gory in Hwasa‘s “Maria.” Our review of her first mini album will be out soon!
  • WoodzLove Me Harder” was a promising sign to our reviewer.
  • Weekly debuted with “Tag me (@ me).”
  • TXT‘s “Eternity” was much more than the standard MV.
  • Zico teamed up with Rain for the goofy, “Summer Hate.” Check out our review!
  • VeriVery nailed the summer horror trend with “Thunder.”
  • Jooyoung added Heize to the mix for the dreamy “Love Distance.” Look forward to our review!

Teasers & Announcements

  • SM has shared a slew of teaser photos as well as multiple MV teasers for Irene & Seulgi‘s Monster unit debut.
  • Also out on July 6 will be Chungha‘s pre-release “Play.” Matador meets Midsommar?
  • SF9 have dropped two teasers for “Summer Breeze,” each boasting some promising choreography.
  • GreatGuys will be back on July 8 with We’re Not Alone_Chapter 2: You & ME.
  • The teasers for Exo-SC‘s “1 Billion Views” promise some trippy, retro fun. The album and MV will drop on July 13.
  • Apples appear to take center stage in the teaser images for G Friend‘s Song of the Siren — also due out on July 13.
  • Eunji will return with her solo album Simple on July 15.
  • 1the9 will be back on July 16 with “Turn Over.”
  • Ateez shared the promotion map for their July 29 comeback with Fever Part 1.
  • Kai is the next Exo member confirmed to make a solo debut in the near future!

Other News

  • Korea Music Content Association, Korea Management Federation, and Korea Entertainment Producers’ Association filed a request with the Fair Trade Commission in the hopes that a standardized agreement between agencies and television networks can be established regarding the online profiting from music show performances and fan cams. Currently, companies do not profit from videos networks upload to their YouTube or Naver channels, and with the shift to streaming, many companies see this as unfair.
  • Goo Hara‘s ex-boyfriend Choi Jong-bum has been sentenced to a year in prison (without a suspended sentence) for his attempt to blackmail Goo in 2018.
  • JYP will continue to take strong legal action against malicious commentors for both Got7 and Itzy.
  • Nate will be disabling the comments on entertainment news articles from July 7.

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