AB6IX made a comeback on June 29th with “The Answer”, after their MV and album release date was pushed back because of the departure of Youngmin after he was caught drunk driving. In “The Answer”, written and produced by Zico, a confused AB6IX asks their crushes how they really feel. Though the MV follows the members trying to break out from where they are stuck in a limbo of uncertainty, bright and bold colours keep MV upbeat. “The Answer” highlights a youthful AB6IX for a cheerful summer comeback.

Though the song is upbeat at first listen, the MV reflects the uncertainty in the lyrics through the boys’ individual scenes. Each member has their individual set that they are trying to escape from, by looking for a key that can help them escape. A canned drink rolls on the floor towards the boys, kicking off the storyline of the MV. Donghyun and Daehwi are both trapped and looking for a way out. Woong and Woojin, on the other hand, are equally lost and confused as they try to figure out how to escape.

 Donghyun and Daehwi’s sets are the true standouts of the MV. Both of their sets feature bright colours, which is even more eye-catching because of how cluttered they are. Donghyun is in a restaurant-themed MV, with blocks of different shapes littering the tables. Daehwi is in a messy book room, with stacks of books all around him. They are both clearly trapped, although it seems neither of them are very distressed about it. As they sing about wanting a definitive answer from their crush, their scenes reflect their perspective: they are stuck in the same spot, and the only way to escape is to find the key. If they do not get a hint as to what their crush is feeling about them, they cannot move on from their current feelings. 

If Donghyun and Daehwi’s sets represent being trapped, Woojin and Woong’s sets convey a sense of being lost and confused. Woong is out in a fantasy-like setting of lush nature as he searches for which way to go. He, perhaps, got the short end of the stick in terms of editing, as his scenes are clearly meant to be with Youngmin. Though Youngmin is still in all of the group choreography scenes and some of the shots with Woong, most of Woong’s individual scenes seem to have cropped out Youngmin and some of the set with it. For example, we only get to see a corner of the picnic rug that he is singing on and not the full spread. Nonetheless, his scenes clearly reflect the sense of being lost. He investigates his whereabouts and sets off exploring, hoping to find a way out. He is adrift, unsure of where to go and what actions to take because he cannot get a proper answer.

Woojin’s individual set, in contrast to the others, is much more minimal and features colder colours. He is in a room with multiple doorways but no doors, as shadow hands play with the light and disorient him. Although he could easily escape through any of the doors, he does not know which path to take. This confusion pairs nicely with his rap:

It’s hard to understand
My brain stops working
Kind of like a riddle
It’s Korean but needs translating
Should I wait
Is it Go or Stop

Woojin does not know which route he should take, or if he should at all, because there has been no certain clues on which course of action to take. He is receiving mixed signals, represented by the shadows, that only manage to throw him off and make him unsure of what to do.

By the end of the MV, all of the boys manage to find their way out and to each other. Donghyun assembles a puzzle that allows him to open a secret passageway out, Daehwi finds a key in a book, Woojin manages to capture the source of light, and Woong falls through a hole on top of a grassy hill, Alice in Wonderland style. They step out of their respective rooms and sets, and converge in a yellow hallway to dance.

Although AB6IX may not have gotten the answer that they were looking for, at least they managed to find each other. However, the bright canned drink that rolled towards them in the beginning of the MV rolls back towards them before the boys retreat back into their rooms, suggesting that the boys are actually back again at where they started, with no progress made.

Despite the obvious confusion in the MV, the bright, bold colours used throughout help keep the atmosphere cheerful and upbeat. Donghyun and Daehwi’s scenes, cluttered with colourful props, are especially notable. Pops of solid red, yellow, green, and blue fill the surroundings, and contribute to an eye-catching and fun background. Woong’s scenes in nature and Woojin’s in a darker room are more muted, but still full of colour nonetheless. Even the all-red outfits the boys wear in their collective scenes contribute a fun and overall lively MV. Though the lyrics reflect uncertainty, the bold colours of the MV reflect the carefree atmosphere of the song.

“The Answer” features a cheerful AB6IX for an upbeat summer comeback. Though this comeback in particular is bound to be bittersweet for some fans, “The Answer” shows off a fresh side of AB6IX and proves that they are still here and ready to go.

(YouTube. Images via Brand New Music)