SF9 released their second comeback this year with the lead single, “Summer Breeze.” With a title like that, you might be expecting pools, beaches, bold colors, and other summer tropes. However, “Summer Breeze” decides to go into a completely different direction with a mysterious and action-packed MV. “Summer Breeze” is a modern-day Western shootout that has almost nothing to do with the content of the song. You might hate the absurdity of it or you might love it for its unique take.

This MV takes a few watches to truly grasp the concept. On the first view, you may think it is just a bunch of boys playing with guns but the MV contains symbols and scenes that point at something else. The plot itself along with the conclusion is frankly nonsensical but somehow works with the song.

Towards the beginning, the members look up at the sky, and we see the sun is being blocked creating a solar eclipse. This is followed by a golden snake wrapping itself around a chain. The sunlight and snake both point at the main topics in the MV which is about deception and the power of light.

The members all play their own roles with Jaeyoon‘s character being one of the most detailed. While in his hotel room, we see his gun along with various passports suggesting he is hiding or up to criminal activities. There are fewer details about the others but their outfits help decipher their characters. Rowoon is dressed in a suit like a rich CEO, Hwiyoung is a lone biker, and Taeyang looks to be the leader of a gang.

The main setting of the MV is the bar where the action quickly takes place. At first, it seems like they are all friends and just enjoying a drink together. However, in a quick shot, we see Rowoon, Taeyang, and Youngbin secretly pointing guns at each other underneath the table. It is a informative shot that shows that they need to keep up a facade but they obviously do not trust each other. Hwiyoung’s character enters the scene, layering more upon the concept of deception, with a bouquet of orange and yellow flowers that are hiding his gun.

There is no clear reasoning behind the shoot-out that begins afterward but Hwiyoung was the first to shoot. In the climax of the song, after a ray of sunshine seeps through a bullet hole, all of the members point their guns to the building creating more holes. More rays of sunshine pour in and suddenly everyone’s demeanor changes. In an absurd conclusion, the members are suddenly all in tan and pastel blue outfits dancing in the sunshine.

The MV is an interesting story of distrust and the power of sunlight. It may seem like it has nothing to do with the song at first. The track itself is a house beat with a Western inspiration. The lyrics also make references to the wild west with lyrics like “bang bang bang” and “giddy up, giddy up, giddy up.” These hints help us draw the conclusion that the MV is displaying what a modern-day Western shoot-out would look like. Instead of horses, they arrived in fancy cars and motorcycles, and instead of a saloon they met in a modern-day bar.

Additionally, the lyrics do speak about the intoxication of the scent of summer causing them to feel invigorated. We see that the members are somehow triggered by the blocking of the sun and it is not until they see it again that they are able to resolve any altercations between them. The voice of the song speaks about their need to dance which literally happens in the MV:

Even the deep sea
Showers in the sun
Let’s dance
Show yourself
Show me I’m curious
The summer fragrance makes me dance…

Even though the song is all about dancing, we actually do not see much of the choreography. What little we do see during the MV is focused on hand movements with the rhythm of the song. Zuho has a short rap drop where he dances sporadically before the members enter their routine. The ending shots show more of it as they point their fingers for the “bang” line and have a bit of American country-inspired moves. Overall, we do not see too much of their routine so it is hard to decide if it is any good.

“Summer Breeze” is a refreshing take on a summer song. It takes the lyrics of the song and comes up with a completely original idea and incorporates the theme of deceit. However, there is not too much explanation about why they were fighting in the first place and how and why the sunlight affected them. Additionally, while the song’s lyrics are about wanting to dance, the MV does not show enough of their choreography.

Overall, it is not a disappointing MV and a great electronic song for SF9 to promote as their lead single with their current album. If there is your first introduction to SF9, who have mostly flown under the radar in K-pop, then hopefully you will stick around to see what more they have to offer.

(Youtube. Lyrics via LyricsKpopNet. Images via  FNC Entertainment.)