A playlist for the official beginning of summer? Revolutionary.

I am both a very visual person and someone who associates certain kinds of music/sounds with specific feelings/events/seasons. There are colors that come to mind when I listen to “For me” by Day6, and I have distinct memories attached to The Rose‘s “Red” and BTS‘s “Mikrokosmos” because I went to their concerts last summer. “Wave” by Ateez reminds me of when I started getting more into them after my sister introduced them to me, and I voted for “Wave” to be their comeback track. As much as I hate the summer heat (I am thankful for air conditioning every day), I love summer evenings and spending time with my family as the sun slowly sets. This nostalgia and summertime memories are completely encapsulated in Seventeen‘s “Our dawn is hotter than day.”

Although this mixtape describes summertime in a very personal way, I hope all of these songs can bring a little bit of brightness to your life.