It’s been one wild ride with quarantine, even if we’ve had less places to go. Although some places in the world are loosening up with restrictions, this move has only enabled greater uncertainty on our part. Mixed opinions abound everywhere, while updated news only confuses us on what’s really okay to do versus not. But enough of politics or societal woes — cutting to the chase, here is a chill playlist for you to turn on before plopping on your bed, thinking, and saying nothing. As summer approaches, let’s tune into all the ways we can chill out at home, starting with music.

Apart from the average present K-pop playlist, I’ve mostly added hip hop and underground genres to invoke a more casual, lazy atmosphere. While there still are familiar names like Jay Park, GroovyRoom, and Chungha, newer names such as Leellamarz, Golden, and Summer Soul keep the vibe going with refreshing colors. I hope you get to enjoy these newer artists, and still find innovative ways to chill at home even during summer.