‘Tis the season! With six days to go until Christmas, Seoulbeats has also prepared a playlist to keep you company. And by company, I mean voices to reassure all those who don’t have the best day on Christmas. Though it is a holiday hyped for the majority, this is for those who still has the rest of winter to go. Whether you are sick, working, or simply alone, this set of songs was curated to help you enjoy winter regardless of the obligation to enjoy this last holiday. Songs from Seventeen’s “Hug,” Jonghyun’s “Just Chill” to EXO’s legendary “Miracle of December” invoke a cozy, thoughtful mood to listen while curled in bed. On the other hand, Crush’s “From Midnight to Sunrise,” IU’s “Between the Lips,” Heize’s “First Sight,” and more croon about love in winter tunes to match the white views outside.

So wherever you are in life, leave some time to make a cup of hot cocoa, curl up with something soft and warm, and let yourself slowly but surely enjoy the hidden charms of winter. After all, you’re not alone.