The change in leaves’ colors – from grass green to mustard, sand, orange, tomato, or brick red – has been a consistent market of the autumn season. In some ways, this trademark can be viewed as Mother Nature painting her final hues and gradients before falling asleep in the winter. Spring then comes for a renewal, while summer is her peak in delight.

On this note, Seoulbeats’ ending playlist for October consists of hand-selected tracks whose stories can be painted in one’s imagination. Whether it is through a story explained in the lyrics, or via artsy and moody instrumentals that accompanies their vocals, tracks such as “Dali, Van, Picasso” or “Red Queen,” “Dancing in the Rain” or “Cinema” sets the stage for an aesthetic imagination. Let these artistic songs weave through your ears as you view the evolving colors of leaves outside, maybe with a glass of wine on the side.