The change of season in South Africa has been terribly disorganised. We are transitioning to spring from a winter that alternated weeks of bitter winds with days of sweltering heat. Climate change is real. Spring in the South usually feels perfect, with the smell of green and rain. So far, we have had watery sunlight filtered through a thin blanket of dry, grey clouds. Sharp nights and tepid days. It almost feels like March just before a miserable winter.

In the West, summer has ended and autumn is descending. My best friend is in Korea, by the sea. She told me the rain will not stop and the nights are biting her through the windows. K-pop groups are releasing their autumnal music: some polished, serenading a slow change, some bittersweet odes to loss and loneliness. I chose the songs on this mix as a balm for us in the South and an ode to autumn in the West. Or fall, I suppose you might call it.

What are some of your favourite songs for the change of season? Let us know in the comments below.