The end of August has always signaled a turning point – whether in commuting back to school, entering a different, busier season at work, or even folding all the summer shorts away to welcome fall colors. The last week of this month specifically is filled with a bumpy transition into something new or unexpected. And while the heat of summer lingers, time speeds up to pop our elusive bubble and bring us back into reality.

On that note, this particular playlist has been carefully curated to provide the best encouragement. The first set of loud, carefree songs is designed to loosen up the listener’s anxieties of this change in personal and environmental season. The likes of BTS, Day6, Epik High, and Winner make the soul dance and feel a beautiful road trip type of mood. Next, Standing Egg and Zion.T make sure you are comfortable, content, and well fed as you move towards traveling and having a little fun. Crush, Black Pink, Sik-K, and more provide imaginary wings and drinks to party with, before Bolbbalgan4 wraps it up through an ending meant to soothe any last inch of anxiety or worry.

Whatever you are going through, this playlist makes sure there is always something relatable in some type of iffy way as fall draws near in days. Despite being overwhelmed, curious, or even hopeful, I hope these handful of songs can encourage you with the message to “Himnae,” which means to stay strong.