It’s nearing the heart of summer, where people are either enjoying the freedom of this season or sweating under the sweltering sun. July in particular means fireworks, night runs to the beach, BBQ in a hot backyard or carefree hours spent in a karaoke room. Or, it means more studying than even during the semester, coffee (or bubble tea) fueling weary brains to survive an intense few weeks. Although our generation certainly knows how to have fun, we also have not been coined the burnout generation for nothing. Work, summer school, endless commuting, and more keep everybody busier every year. Despite K-pop once being an escape, the endless train of bad news certainly has not helped.

Simply put, looking for an escape may sometimes be harder than expected. But through this playlist, hopefully you can experience an hour of walking through a fantasy world that holds lush gardens, faint echoes, and an open door to daydream endlessly. This experience includes hearing both household dreamy tracks — from f(x)’s legendary “Shadow” to BTS’ “Serendipity” – as well as underground names such as Oohyo and Summer Soul to liberate a wide range of souls.

Make sure to lay back on a comfy pillow, turn on the whirring AC or fan, stare at the window or ceiling, and touch the first track to play. I highly recommend listening to the playlist according to the order presented. Doing so will provide the highest level of escape from the endlessly busy reality around us.