The last time the Fantiago group Weki Meki made their comeback with the single “Crush” it ended up falling flat and resulted in a music video filtered with sexist imagery. Although the group debuted in late 2017 and are still considered to be rookies, they have yet to carve out a space of their own. In reality, most of their comebacks so far have been about trying to find their own style of sound that may make them recognizable to the fans and the public. From sweet and innocent to girl crush to school girl, Weki Meki seemed to be going through an identity crisis with no real establishment of the group’s own unique color.

The upper hand that the group was dealt, however, was with the inclusion of two former I.O.I members, Yoojung and Doyeon that have given the group a slight edge in forming their popularity. That’s not to say that the other members don’t have agency within the group, they just have never been given a song or music video to show their individual charms. That is, until the release of “Picky Picky” which is by far Weki Meki’s strongest single to date with an equally impressive visual that helps step up the group’s potential.

The instrumentation for “Picky Picky” cohesively parallels the energetic sassiness of the lyrics which is illuminated within the music video. It is a fusion of pop and electro dance beats that conjoin perfectly together into a bouncy chorus that has the girls clamoring away with the repeated line, “I’m so picky, picky, picky.” The song is quite boisterous in itself but the reading of the lyrics indicates a strong sense of acknowledgment from the girls that know exactly what they want.

This type of pickiness to many may come off as demanding or high maintenance but there is power in knowing what you desire and refusing to settle for less than what you deserve. Being “picky” then becomes a powerful sentiment that is showcased by the group throughout the MV. Even from the start, it takes its time in introducing each girl individually as it opens inside a school bus where the girls are ready to start a new school day.

The MV then cuts to Weki Meki on stage as the visual intercuts between different female archetypes of high school students. In one shot the girls are dressed in pastel colors as preppy high school presidents but switch it up in the next with plaid rockstar attire staring in their own band. The group also isn’t afraid to show off their smarts, cosplaying as science students in a lab where their mischievous actions inevitably ends them in detention.

While my biggest criticism against Weki Meki was there inability to stay consistent especially when it came to their style as a group. They have certainly turned this narrative around to their advantage with “Picky Picky” and are relishing in being able to portray an array of archetypes and styles that focus on the group’s diverse dynamic. The biggest reason they succeeded in doing this with “Picky Picky” is simple: they finally have a fun quality song that highlights the youthfulness of the group while also being an enjoyable listen.

Even the lyrics are able to break past a shallow surface to reaffirm the high standards the girls have for picking out a future love interest.

Someone with a nice smile but
Someone who doesn’t smile too often, not so easy
Someone who only knows me
Someone who loves me so much, I want it

Weki Meki’s confidence is something that is hard to deny when reading through the lyrics. It also becomes admirable as the music video moves to them coming together to work on their debut stage as a band. They are seen practicing their instruments, passing out flyers and rocking out in full swagger. The video ends with the group receiving a large applause from their admirers while they take a bow in satisfaction.

Although Weki Meki may not be a rockstar band in real life, they have taken a big step forward in the right direction with their latest comeback. Not only is “Picky Picky” an addictive piece of composition but the music video has allowed the group to transform one of their weaknesses into an exciting show of boldness and charm. For that, they deserve every right to be picky.

(YouTube, Images via Fantiago)