2019 has let me down. Yes, the entire year. We’re not even halfway through but I am already fed up with everything. It’s not even that 2019 has been worse than 2018; it’s that I started with such high hopes that have all been dashed. So far, my country’s trying to de facto ban abortion, my state might end up underwater again, Tumblr went safe for work, my favorite TV series took a sharp turn towards queer-bait, and both Avengers and Game of Thrones wrapped up with endings that broke me so badly I’d sell my soul to fix them, except the damage rendered it worthless.

Faced with such endless disappointments, I can only turn to K-pop. Not just any K-pop, but the best tracks. The ones that I can never bring myself to skip. The songs that always kill, regardless of my mood. The cuts that bring on the 2 am dance party because the glory cannot be denied. When everything else lets you down, you can count on these songs be good.