Looks like we’re coming to a close on 2017 performances for Best of Weekly Music Shows. Even though the new year is only a couple of weeks away, we’re still getting comebacks from various idols like Twice, Soyou, and B.A.P. More artists are getting into the holiday spirit, bringing joy to the world through their effervescent stages. We’re still down a few music shows due to year-end festival planning, but that didn’t stop anyone from putting on a glorious performance.

Trophies this week went to Naul‘s “Emptiness in Memory” for KBS Music Bank, Wanna One‘s “Beautiful” on MBC Show! Music Core, and Zion.T‘s “Snow” on SBS Inkigayo. This is quite a collection of winners, and I welcome the variety. Congrats to them all!

I picked some of my favorite stages from the past week to share with other fans. If you’d like to chime in with your own, feel free to do it in the comments below!


The Boyz‘ “Boy”, KBS Music Bank, December 15, 2017

Considering they’ve only been out a couple of weeks, The Boyz is making a great first impression. Rookies who come out of the gate with an abundance of energy get my attention every time. From the domino-effect opening to the elegant ending, this group had me captivated by their vibrancy. I look forward to seeing more from them.


Victon‘s “Remember Me”, KBS Music Bank, December 15, 2017

Slowly but surely this group is catching my eye. It’s definitely hard not to notice those long legs, especially with moves that accentuate their lengthy frames. Their movements are quite sleek, giving off a smoothness that exudes confidence in a stylish manner. Their suits assist in reinforcing this cool vibe that’s backed up with an upbeat party jam.


Taemin‘s “Day and Night”, KBS Music Bank, December 15, 2017

Imagine you’re walking down a foggy alley and suddenly the gentle strum of a guitar is heard as a well-dressed figure emerges from the mist. Now imagine the figure just happens to be Taemin. Have you fainted yet? No? Great, that means you can indulge in this extra sexy performance of this jazzy tune. I don’t have proper words for this, so please press play. Trust me on this.

Soul Latido‘s “Order of Priority”, MBC Show! Music Core, December 16, 2017

Things start off slow and dramatic like most ballads. Over the course of the song, there’s a simmering build-up that comes to a full boil by the end. I really enjoyed the soft melody and their powerful harmonies accompanied by soulful ad-libs. This performance is just perfect for winter.

B.A.P’s “Moondance”, MBC Show! Music Core, December 16, 2017

Someone is probably gonna ask, “Did you pick another thirst trap for yourself?” Yes, I did. You know I’m weak for Jongup. Daehyun and Himchan have been coming for my soul as well. There’s something dark and slightly sensual about this number. It doesn’t help my heart that they’re dressed so cleanly, and Jongup is in suspenders with his shirt unbuttoned. I’m going to sit in a corner and think about what direction in life to take next.

(YouTube [1][2], Image via MBC)