We’ve discussed the production stylizing of Dream Perfect Regime (DPR) before but here I’ll be focusing on the surprise and contrasting new track and MV from DPR Live, a member of Dream Perfect Regime. In this latest single, Live offers us a glimpse at his romantic emotional vulnerability unlike we’ve seen before, while labelmate and visual artist Christian Yu continues to drive the aesthetic and vision for DPR’s MVs.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Live’s newest song and MV, “Jasmine”, paints a cohesive and visually stunning image of pining and romantic desire. In the article previously cited, we discussed DPR’s MV aesthetic, their dedication to digital art and a commitment to visuals that are heavily driven by the music production. A number of DPR’s MVs are very location-based such as Live’s “Know Me Now” shot along a coast and plays on the visual movement of nature such as water and plants. The coloring and duality of the digital art continue to be the selling point for DPR MVs. The use of split toning, focusing on greys and warmer tones work well with the deep melancholic vocals from the rapper.

It’s always wonderful to see the visual story Christian Yu creates in collaboration with fellow DPR label mates. The location is reminiscent of a Seattle, Pacific Northwest coastline with dark and pensive weather to further push the plot point of the lyrics as follows.

You know I can paint the world
Sitting there in black and gold
You’re the perfect chemical
I gotta test I gotta know
You know I’m no criminal
But I could take your heart and go
You’re the perfect chemical
I gotta test I gotta gotta
Just let me (x4)

Lines such as “you know I’m not criminal but I can take your heart and go,” speak to the romanticism of the song, stapled often throughout the MV with very inward physicality such as holding his head in his hands. The combination of the lyrics and visuals really showcase his pining, but the repetitive and very much the musical driving point line “just let me,” very quickly gives off the effect of begging.

Visually, the MV does not stray too far from the DPR brand and mission set out for the overall production company. It’s a location, aesthetic heavy representation of the visual art DPR wishes to bring to the Korean music scene. What really creates the contrast in this piece versus the others from the company is the music. DPR Live has taken on a very new approach to his music, one that drives the visuals on a journey fans have yet to see from a DPR artist. The pining in lyrics “just let me” and “I gotta test I gotta know” are in stark contrast to lyrics in other R&B songs.  These two lines, in particular, push the song along both musically and visually. By the end of the video, Live has moved from the gloomy rainy woods to a bright and sunny location that leaves you with hope and resolution.

This song feels quite different from the DPR Live from Coming to You Live. The first full-length album from the artist really showed his color as a charismatic lyricist with a sharp edge. Songs like “You Don’t Know Me” and “To Myself” showcased a fun-loving rapper telling the story of his love for DPR and for himself. That’s why “Jasmine” is such a shockingly beautiful contrast. Depicting romantic pining, fictional or not, is a vulnerable subject matter that allows the audience into the artist’s internal thoughts.

The weight of this song is also showcased in the vocal rapping styles within this single. Unlike many of his other tracks often alight with background hype and catchy lyrics, Live chose to rap in his lower register. The way the tonality of the song lends itself to the visual direction is a sight to behold.

“Jasmine” is the idyllic fall slow jam with visuals that paint our world just as Live hoped they would. Though the visuals are very much within the realm and skill set of what team DPR has continuously and successfully delivered to the K-hip hop market, the introspective and vulnerable lyrics, along with the stylization, is something all Dream Perfect Regime and Live fans have yet to experience. I’m excited to see what Live and the DPR team brings us within the next few months. As they continue to gain popularity in Korea and globally, I foresee a new album and more visual masterpieces from Dream Perfect Regime.

(Lyrics via klyricsYoutube, Image via DreamPerfectRegime [1][2], Instagram)