Pentagon finds a dreamy, euphoric state in their new single, “Like This.” It’s the fourth mini-album by the Cube Entertainment group and perhaps their best single to date. The song was composed by member Hui with the help of Flow Blow and is a wonderfully composed dream pop piece. The MV brings a little to be desired since it doesn’t portray any of the major themes of the song.

Dreams are often nonsensical, portraying some kind of an alternate reality that is pieced together by the unconscious mind and body. Pentagon brought out plenty of the usual tropes male groups are using in their MVs. This includes dance scenes through the chorus, some kind of fruit being used as a visual simulation, and even smoke bombs to add a colorful effect to the air.

The MV itself seems to lack meaning. Instead of telling some kind of story, it rather dives into capturing large scenes with members of the group only occupying small sections of the wide shots. Many of the shots seem somewhat non-sensical though. This is no more obvious than the members staring at a colored Converse shoe sitting inside of a filled fish tank. Despite that, there are some beautiful aspects of it.

The best part about the video is how masterfully the cinematography is composed. This is evident in the simple scenes of the group running across some kind of plain or tundra. As the group runs down a dirt road, the camera beautifully captures the group in a meaningful way, running through the harsh Earth that was thrown at them. In the background, the director shows off some of the best and richest color schemes the video can provide.

But despite the vivid colors and masterful shots, the MV seems rather pointless rather than a canvas for the song. It lacks creativity and true meaning. It seems more like the group just decided to add things to backdrops or an extra scene just to mean something. The burning shopping cart is just another oddity in the MV. For a song that takes itself so seriously, the video doesn’t quite find the meaning the words try to convey.


Musically, the song is actually fantastic. It’s a fantastic trip through a dream pop landscape with some rather fascinating lyrics.

I won’t cry anymore
Scream it to the world, oh yeah
Even if I fall and my knees bleed
I’ll keep running like this
I won’t ever stop
For the only light I want
Oh yeah, even if there’s a storm
I’ll keep running like this

Rather than singing about some kind of long-lost love, the group captures the feeling of hopelessness and depression along with the need to persevere through these feelings. For a K-pop group, it’s surprisingly deep. Perhaps these are some of the feelings that Hui has felt in the past and he inserted them into the single. While there are infinite differences, the song itself draws from dream pop influences, and it’s reminiscent of the American dream pop group Beach House with a Korean twist. They also use these expansive synth melodies along with rich harmonies to craft choruses that sound like they should be played during some kind of celestial show.

Overall, the MV and song are quite a treat. The song brings so many positives that it’s easy to look over some of the weaker aspects of the song. The video itself is quite visually stimulating and easy to watch even if it’s a little nonsensical. Combined, the MV and song might be the best piece of work the group has put forward yet.

(YouTube, KLyrics, Images via Cube Entertainment)