Unsung Artists is back for another installment! Honestly, this segment scared me when I first signed up. I am so set in my likes and dislikes that trying out new groups is not an experience I go for often. However, with the list of artists we didn’t get to cover, there was so much to choose from I didn’t know where to start! Luckily, the whole experience was totally worth it as I have some new jams to add into my rotation. Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I present to you the May edition of Unsung Artists.

Day6, “Dance Dance”

Part of Day6’s “Every Day6” project, “Dance Dance” just might be my song of the summer, even if it was released about a month too soon. The different vibes, from classic rock band to a little bit of tropical, definitely put me in the mood to follow the song’s call to action–dance! The best part about the MV is how it blends both the muscial/artistic sides and the funny, everyday sides of the artists.

Kriesha Chu, “Trouble”

Kriesha Chu may not have won K-pop Star 6 but she’s won my heart with “Trouble,” her debut track. Not only is the track funky, with a major big band influence, but the girl has some serious pipes on her. The song is about that moment when you realize, “oh no, I’m starting to get a crush” and the MV plays off the theme well. In the first verse we get:

We just passed by each other once
I don’t know your name
How come you came into my mind?

What’s funny is that, without being overly saccharine, the video shows this exact thing happening, with Kriesha basically planning out a partial relationship with a boy she’s seen once.e The ending is cute and all in all a strong outing for a debut.

Unnies, “Right”

Project groups are always fun, and the Unnies from Unnies Slam Dunk are one of those projects you want to see keep going. The MV for “Right?” highlights so many tropes–the nerd wanting to be cool and the all female class falling for the cute teacher–but underneath it is a message of girl power. It’s asking for confirmation to be okay with yourself and the end it says:

I’m just gonna live like today
I won’t ever fall down again
Hey, I think I finally met my true self

We need more messages like that in K-pop about self acceptance that comes from within versus from a significant other or superficial beauty. It’s done in a way that doesn’t make you realize at first that the message is deeper than what initially comes across, but it still hits home.

Young Cream,”Night”

M.I.B may have disbanded but the members are still busy. Cream, now Young Cream, has been quietly releasing music for months, and “Night” made a blip on the radar last month. In “Night,” Young Cream talks about how his nights are filled with thinking too much, even reflecting on the 5 year career of M.I.B and how he’s grown since that time. Most importantly, Young Cream states how no matter what he has his talents and that’s what he needs. The song also features him singing, a skill that was much underutilized in his boy group times.

MAP6, “I’m Ready”

While I cannot honestly say that this is the most unique boy group song, why it’s so good is the performance aspect. There are only 5 people in this group but they nail the dances with precision. Even with the dancers added to various scenes, the members stand out. For a newer group they are incredibly polished, making their moves look easy. Their vocals seem effortless and their vibe overall is of a well put together group with a small fanbase. I look forward to hearing more from them.

So readers, those were my picks for May. Are there any you would like to share? Tell us in the comments below!

(YouTube [1][2], Lyrics via Kagasa, Popgasa, Images via JYP, Dream T Entertainment.)