This SB Mixtape is inspired by two things: Pride and summer. With June being Pride Month, it seemed fitting to do something rainbow related. However, with the severe lack of yellow and orange K-pop songs, it was kind of hard to go that route (though it should be noted that Seo Taiji and Kwon Sohyun both have songs titled “Orange,” they just aren’t available via Spotify). Also, it seemed just a hair cheesy; I wanted something a little more subtle to celebrate.

Secondly, it’s hurricane season and the past 3 weeks or so have been gray, gloomy, and wet. It’s summer. I want sunshine and to have a good time. This mixtape has all the colors I miss seeing when I stare up at the gray storm clouds and wish for a brighter day.


What color themed K-pop song is your favorite? Are there any that you would recommend?