People are often conceived in terms of one side of two mutually exclusive halves: you’re a dog person, or you’re a cat person. Or you’re a coffee person, or a tea person. I’m a bit of an oddity: I love tea, but it’s not that I’m not a coffee person. I like the smell of it, but rarely drink it—not because I don’t like the taste, but I just don’t always feel in the mood for coffee. Tea, on the other hand, I find myself reaching for no matter the place and weather (not just any time, though; being sensitive to caffeine, I once drank earl grey bubble tea at 8pm and couldn’t sleep till 2am. Absurd, I know. It’s just one thing on my list of useless achievements).

This tea playlist proved trickier to put together than expected: it needed light and laid-back songs, but not something that would sound more suited for a cafe playlist, nor something too sweet or spring-playlist-like. To top it off, more than half the songs I originally planned to include wasn’t on Spotify, even—to my dismay—the song that this mixtape takes its title from, Hello Venus‘ “Would You Like Some Tea” (still one of my all-time favourite girl group tracks, for reasons I can’t put my finger on).

Luckily, there was my K-indie study playlist to pull from, so I’ve put together this tea playlist for all the K-pop tea lovers out there to sip a cuppa along to.

Here are the other songs that couldn’t make the playlist due to unavailability: Yang Yoseob‘s “Just Do As You Always Did”, Sunny and Taeyeon‘s “This is Love” (Heading to the Ground OST), Baek Yerin‘s “Across the Universe” (why JYP artists aren’t available on Spotify is still a mystery to me), and Chen and Krystal’s “When I Was, When You Were” (from SM The Ballad Vol.2 Breath).

What songs would you put on a mixtape dedicated to tea? Let us know in the comments below!