Hello everyone, and welcome back to another edition of SB Week in Review! Here’s what you need to know before the weekend is up:


  • Following last week’s creepy incident at G-Friend‘s fansign, another person was removed from a Pristin event. Fans alerted Pledis of one man who had written lewd comments about Kyulkyung online, and was planning to crudely proposition her at an upcoming fansign. Management decided to keep their surveillance low key, and were able to apprehend the man before he got to Kyulkyung.
  • Another week, another blackface incident. SBS variety show Laughing Legend Match uploaded a skit depicting cast member Hong Hyun-hee wearing an amalgamation of stereotypical “tribal” clothing relating to multiple cultures, replete with blackface. Other entertainment personalities were shown laughing at the skit. After the backlash from international Hallyu fans and Korean netizens, as well as making it to Buzzfeed, SBS pulled the video and apologised for inconveniencing viewers, promising to exercise better judgement over future content. Comedian Hwang Hyun-hee attempted to defend the actions in response to Sam Hammington‘s critical Facebook post, but was shut down by Korean commenters.
  • After a story from Nu’est‘s Minhyun about him stealing a bicycle resurfaced, his middle school teacher defended him, saying that Minhyun exaggerated the story to make it more entertaining.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • IU is back with Palette! She also released a new MV, “Palette,” which features G-Dragon.
  • Minzy made her much awaited solo debut with “Ninano,” which our reviewer felt left room for improvement.
  • Davichi‘s Haeri also made her solo debut this week.
  • Yesung continued his solo activities with “Paper Umbrella.”
  • A Pink put out “Always.”
  • The Suran, Ha:tfelt, and Boyoung collab is here!
  • Laboum continue their late bloom, with the group’s latest release apparently selling like hotcakes — how are you liking Miss This Kiss?
  • Dia are back with “Will You Go Out Wth Me?”
  • I.O.I‘s Chungha primed us all for her own solo debut with pre-release single “Week.”
  • Jessica surprised fans with a birthday spring release.
  • New 14-member boy band 14U debuted with “Very Very Very.”
  • Berry Good returned with “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo.”
  • Loona‘s Vivi hopped on the skating trend for “Everyday I Love You,” with an assist from fellow member Haseul.
  • SF9 are back with “Easy Love.”
  • Junggigo released Across the Universe.
  • Bonus Baby dropped “If I Became an Adult.”
  • Mamamoo‘s Hwasa and Esna collaborated on “Love Comes.”
  • This week’s Station release welcomed Stanley Clarke Band and Chris Clarke’s “To Be Alive.”
  • And on the “AK-pop” side:
    • African-American female duo CoCo Avenue released their first Korean-language single, “Eottae.”
    • Experiment-cum-boy band EXP dropped “I Feel Like This.”

Teasers & Announcements

  • On Monday the 24th:
    • K.A.R.D are back with their last pre-debut single, “Rumor.” 
    • Hyukoh will be coming out with their first album under Highground23.
    • Snuper will return with “Back:hug.”
    • Jonghyun will be giving us Story pt. 2.
    • BtoB‘s Changsub will be releasing a solo single.
  • Varsity will be making their first comeback on the 26th.
  • Hot on the heels of “Girlfriend,” Henry will be dropping another self-composed single, “Real Love” on the 29th.
  • Playback is preparing to come back as a five-piece, reinstating Ma Eun-jin, who left the group (or was removed) folllowing accusations of being a sasaeng. Coridel Entertainment at the time stated that the rumours were partly true. Eunjin has since appeared on Produce 101 and was a Top 10 contestant on K-pop Star 6, her newfound fame from the latter making her an attractive (re-)addition to the group.
  • In May:
    • New Cube unit Triple H will be dropping their debut EP, 199X, on the 1st.
    • Lovelyz have a repackage of R U Ready? for you on the 2nd!
    • According to YGE, Psy is preparing to come back around this time.
  • Pristin‘s Xiyeon joined Astro‘s Eunwoo as Music Core MC this week.
  • Meanwhile, Key said farewell to M!Countdown during his last show as MC.
  • We all thought We Got Married was finally ending, but turns out they are just going to finish up season 4 and work on a new format for the next season.
  • Kcon NY 2017 updates!
    • Highlight and SF9 are the latest groups to join Twice, CN Blue, and G-Friend in the concert line-up.
    • Ticket prices for Kcon NY 2017 are also out, and they range from $50 to an eye-watering $1,500 for the sasaeng diamond package. A $20 entrance fee will also be charged for all P-level ticket holders.
  • Jaden Smith announced the release of a K-pop single four months in advance.

Other News

  • BTS will be receiving a Shorty Award this year in the Music category. Congrats to the group!
  • Yunho completed his military service and was discharged this week. Welcome back!
  • Meanwhile, Lee Min-ho began his service this week. See you in 20 months!
  • Girl’s Day confirmed that ISAC is more about dating and flirting for idols than actual sport on a variety show while promoting their latest.
  • BtoB’s Minhyuk got into trouble over some flirting of his own, after a woman called him out for sliding into her Instagram DMs. Minhyuk claims he was reaching out to his ex and didn’t realise she currently had a boyfriend, while the woman says they never dated.
  • T-ara‘s Jiyeon and Jung Joon-young denied dating rumours.
  • Shinhwa‘s Eric announced his engagement to model Na Hye-mi, with the wedding set for July. Congrats to the couple!

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