In case you haven’t heard, the viral trend of the ‘Mannequin Challenge’ has hit South Korea and all your favorite boy and girl groups. If you’re unfamiliar with the trend, the basic premise is to stand stock still–like a mannequin–while being filmed by a moving camera. Background music typically accompanies the videos, usually “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd.

Started by high-schoolers from Florida, professional athletes, entertainers, and other celebrities have created their own versions of the hit, and now we have compiled a list of some of our favorites from the world of K-pop.


During the US leg of his Wonderlust tour, Crush surprised the audience by engaging in the challenge in the middle of the show. The most notable feature of his version is the seemingly never-ending stream of water leaking onto the stage.

FT Island & Ailee

Like Crush, both FT Island and Ailee not only got themselves involved, but the whole venue as well. The FNC Kingdom concert provided the participants for FT Island’s challenge, while Ailee performed hers during her Welcome Home concert.

Seventeen, Got7, G-Friend

MAMA 2016 brought more than awards and controversy. Seventeen, Got7, and G-Friend brought a twist to the Mannequin Challenge by going above and beyond. Going from mere meme-worthy videos to performance art, the three mixed their hit songs with the viral trend to create the videos below:


While busy filming, Kris didn’t mind taking a few moments to film his own version of the challenge. He chose his own song “July” as the background music, and ended the whole thing with a fun dance party.


Finally we come to the most classic iteration of the Mannequin Challenge with K.A.R.D. The video shows the members of the newly debuted group, ending with J.Seph being ‘scolded’ for breaking the stillness.

As the trend continues to spread, it’s fun to see how creative our idols can be. What other Mannequin Challenge videos have you liked?

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