For someone like me who started listening to K-pop in the early 2000s, the return of first generation idols is very exciting . I can’t help but feel a wave of nostalgia and find myself listening to what got me to listen to Korean music in the first place.

When most look back at the earlier years (and I mean pre-Super Junior, by the way), they might think BoAH.O.TFinKLS.E.S, and Shinhwa,  just to name a few. But what about TAKEM.I.L.KShyne, or WAX? Ever heard of them? How about Witches or even Harisu (who is famous for others aspects outside of music)?

With that being said, this Seoulbeats Mixtape is dedicated to the less popular artists that many may have not heard of. I do encourage you to look up anyone who piques your interest and learn about the older artists that paved the way for the music we listen to today. You might even find similar elements between then and now.


Discovering Early 00s K-Pop, the Not-so Famous Artists from seoulbeats on 8tracks Radio.

(Image via: DR Music)