It’s time for another round of Best of Weekly Music Shows! There was no shortage of comebacks, thanks to KNK, Shinee, Snuper, and Up10tion. It doesn’t matter how long any of these groups were gone; their fans are thrilled to get new music and performances. Nothing beats that electric anticipation of seeing how a group’s new song looks on stage.

Speaking of strong feelings, award season has officially begun. I’m not talking about the usual music show wins; it’s time for the huge year-end awards. Regardless of what controversies may have reared their ugly heads, it’s still nice to see artists being rewarded for a year of hard work. Fans should celebrate the successes of their bias group instead of looking for reasons to discredit another group’s achievements. Too much time is wasted on these trivial squabbles, so focus on what really counts. Congrats to the winners of the music shows and award shows!

My choices for this week are a little different this time. I’ve picked a couple of award performances because I couldn’t ignore them. There were a lot of excellent stages, but I had to narrow it down to the ones that spoke most to me. If you liked something I didn’t choose, feel free to share it in the comments.

B.A.P‘s “Skydive”, KBS Music Bank, November 18, 2016

As heartbreaking as it is to see the group without their leader, I’m proud of B.A.P for putting on solid performances despite the circumstances. Himchan is holding things down well with Yongguk‘s rap parts. I need Zelo to stop wrecking my bias list, though. Why must his shirt practically slide off his body? Did he have to do a flip? And I’d rather not discuss how Jongup continues ruining my perception of men by setting my standards ridiculously high. The way he moves on stage for his dance solo just takes my breath away.

Shinee’s “Tell Me What to Do”, MBC Show! Music Core, November 19, 2016

Honestly, I was ready to leave the room about three seconds into the performance. That opening with the silks caused me to clutch my proverbial pearls. Naturally, Shinee can’t help but stare straight through the cameras into your soul as they coo into their mics. Minho‘s rap gets me every time because his style is so different from the past. It’s like he really feels the lyrics this time, and now we’re blessed/cursed with the stunning results of his hard work. I also need to contact their stylists because they deserve a hug and a free spa package for making them look so flawless.

Twice‘s “TT”, SBS Inkigayo, November 20, 2016

Are any Onces looking for new gifs and screenshots to share on social media? Then, you’re watching the best performance. People can come down on Twice for their vocals not being the best, but they can’t deny their charisma. Clearly, the camera crew agrees because they caught every adorable expression the members made. This is why camera work means so much in addition to the performance. We’d miss Sana‘s sweet pout if they didn’t focus the lens on her at the right time. I did watch their Melon Music Awards stage, but something about this one spoke more to me.

GFriend‘s “Rough” and “Navillera”, MBC Melon Music Awards, November 19, 2016

If there is ever a time to step up the choreography in a routine, it’s around this time of year. Award shows allow for a lot more creativity than regular music programs, which is why it’s important for groups to take advantage of these moments. It’s perfectly acceptable to wear a long gown with butterflies projected onto the skirt. Yes, you can definitely put a string orchestra behind the ladies as they dance. More violinists on the stairs? I don’t see why not! The sky’s the limit for these kinds of stages, so I’m glad GFriend pulled out all the stops for this performance.

Seventeen’s “Very Nice”, MBC Melon Music Awards, November 19, 2016

We must discuss this intro. I’ve watched this video several times, and I can’t get over it. Turning Seventeen into chess pieces and then having them dance against a checkered background is a fantastic idea. My bias Jeonghan came flying up via floor cannon and proceeded to execute moves that I never thought I’d witness from him. Nobody could’ve prepared for that or the rest of the routine. Seventeen exhausts my soul, but I love them for it.

Readers, what were your favorites from the past week?

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