Another round of the Best of Weekly Music Shows is here! The week has been anything but boring as long-awaited comebacks from Infinite and 2PM happened. We also got another sensual solo from Secret‘s Song Ji-eun and a magical return by DIA.

Red Velvet continued dominating music show wins for “Russian Roulette” as Im Chang Jung took home his first trophy for “The Love That I Committed” on KBS Music Bank. Congrats to them for slaying the charts!

As you know, I am a mere k-pop fan who does not possess any trophies. I cannot reward anyone for their hard work; however, I can acknowledge those efforts by highlighting their stage performances from the past week. It was a very tough list to compile, but eventually, I managed to narrow it down to my top favorites. Of course, this is only my personal taste, so readers are welcomed to add their own in the comments below.

2PM’s “Promise (I’ll Be)”, Mnet M! Countdown, September 22, 2016

I just love me some grown and sexy 2PM! Can I get an amen? I know they are still young men, but the days of them playing around like they did for their debut have passed. That chapter of their lives is closed, and now they are ready to get serious…and sexy. I don’t know how anyone can not like this version of 2PM. No debates on whether they’re doing too much for their age (they’re not), or if this concept fits their image (indeed, it does). Look how far they’ve come from their “10 out of 10” days. Nothing against the fellas having some fun, but I prefer seeing them suited up and grinding like nobody’s business. This section of 2PM is for adults only.

DIA’s “Mr. Potter”, Mnet M! Countdown, September 22, 2016

While the magic show concept can come off cheesy and juvenile, I actually like what DIA does here. The opening magic trick is cute, and they don’t ride the concept that heavily in their routine. I really like their choreography because it’s energetic and fun. The ladies are perfectly in sync and look like they’re having a blast. I know the suspender bit is reminiscent of Girls’ Day‘s “Expectation”, but they take the gimmick a little further here. The final pose with heart-shaped confetti raining down was the ideal ending.

Infinite’s “The Eye”, KBS Music Bank, September 23, 2016

This is the Infinite I needed right now. The dramatically fabulous group that has spot-on choreography didn’t disappoint with this stage. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a group of their caliber put on performances that remind me why I got into k-pop. Not saying that other groups have been lackluster, but there’s something about seeing one of your old favorites return to the scene after being gone for a long time. Infinite brings such an electrifying presence any time they perform that it’s almost a shame for anyone who follows them on a show. They’re on a level of their own.

Lee Ye June‘s “Be Mine”, MBC Show! Music Core, September 24, 2016

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it repeatedly: If the singer is enjoying herself on stage, it improves the performance ten-fold. The song doesn’t have to be the best, but if someone puts her full heart and soul into making that stage hers, you can trust the audience will feel it. Lee Ye June is an unfamiliar name to me, so I didn’t have any expectations when the music started. Once she belted out that first note, though, I was sold. This woman can sing, and more importantly, you can see that she loves it! She keeps up her energy from beginning to end without missing a note or beat, and that is always a pleasure to see.

Song Ji-eun’s “Bobby Doll”, SBS Inkigayo, September 25, 2016

This is another example of a so-so song that is aided by various elements of a performance. The staging is beautiful with a chandelier and stained glass background panels. Her styling fits the mood of the music, ramping up the sensuality in a lacy number and knee-high stockings. The fan props are a nice touch, being integrated smartly into the choreography. I also love how the backup dancers are all blonde to represent the figurative dolls of the song. All of these details combined boost the appeal of this routine, which would be ignored if nothing worked together.

Readers, what were your favorites from the past week?

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