Time for another round of the Best of Weekly Music Shows! This week’s list has been selected by me, but before we get into that, let’s go over who returned, debuted, or won trophies.

Spica is back after their two-year hiatus, sounding just as strong as ever with “Secret Time.” NCT Dream debuted with their youngest members, overloading the cuteness factor with “Chewing Gum.” Triple T, a collaboration team of Hyoyeon, JoKwon, and Min, also popped up in the scene with “Born to Be Wild.” EXO dominated music show wins with “Lotto,” and VIXX earned another trophy for “Fantasy” as well. Congrats to those groups!

I don’t give out awards, but I do send my love to all the artists putting on performances weekly for fans. Feel free to share your love for your favorites in the comments below!

WJSN‘s “Secret”, MBC Show Champion, August 24, 2016

One major advantage large groups have is they can do full scale choreography without backup dancers. Of course, it helps if the group can actually stay in sync, and WJSN (Cosmic Girls) can. I don’t know how many hours of practice it took to get the routine looking like this, but I applaud them for their dedication. What I also enjoy about this performance is that you catch something new every time you watch it. Because of the group’s large size, they have something happening on stage everywhere. As a former marching band member, I appreciate the tightness of their formations as well.

Gilgun‘s “Not a Chance”, MBC Show Champion, August 24, 2016

Initially, I gave this side eye because of the Suicide Squad styling. I understand trends happen, but it annoys me when it detracts from the performance. Regardless of my mixed feelings on Gilgun’s attire, I thoroughly enjoyed her stage. She gets down and dirty with her backup dancers, and it looks effortless. Some performers slack on the dance when it comes to gritty hip hop concepts, but she gets into it. Her commitment to the dance is why I couldn’t ignore her. I wish more artists went this hard in their performances.

VIXX’s “Fantasy”, MBC Show Champion, August 24, 2016

I’m so enthralled with this comeback by VIXX. This is what I’ve been waiting to hear and see from them since “Voodoo Doll.” I love the dark version of VIXX the best, and this performance reminded me why I fell for them in the first place. By the way, Ravi fans, if you are looking for new wallpaper, I recommend freeze framing the video at the 17-second mark. If you die afterwards, I do apologize and remind you that Seoulbeats and its staff is not responsible for how the idols destroy you.

NCT Dream’s “Chewing Gum”, Mnet M! Countdown, August 25, 2016

When I watched their music video, I thought they were pretty solid dancers. Fast forward to me seeing them perform “Chewing Gum” for the first time on stage and almost falling out when I saw the hoverboards. It’s not like they only use those boards for a minute either; they utilize them for a majority of the song! Props can be death on stage if you don’t know how to handle them, but NCT Dream literally coast through this routine like seasoned pros. Hats off to them for the coordination and balance it takes to dance on these things when most people can’t even ride them without crashing.


Spica’s “Secret Time”, SBS Inkigayo, August 28, 2016

I will never shut up about my hi-touch with these ladies, nor will I stop praising their vocals. After seeing them live at KCON 2014, I can confirm that their voices are no joke. These ladies are the real deal, and if you’re not into them, now would be a good time to open up a search engine and look up their performances. I can only imagine them laughing if anyone suggests they lip sync because they don’t need an MR at all. Heard them sing acapella… You’ll never understand unless you get the privilege to hear them live for yourselves. I really hope they gain more popularity as time goes on because they deserve far more love and attention than what they’re getting.

(YouTube [1][2][3], Image via SBS)