Hello everyone, and welcome back to another edition of BoWMS! We have a lot of music coming our way in May, but some artists smartly decided to get in early with their own releases. Hwang In-sun and Lim Do-hyeok made their solo debuts, while LovelyzTwice, April, Seventeen, Cocosori and Lee Hi made their comebacks. Jung Eunji took home her first wins on M Countdown and Inkigayo, while Vixx took out Music Bank and Show Champion.

Below are some of my picks for the week; be sure to tell us yours, too, in the comments below!


Lovelyz’s “Destiny”, KBS Music Bank, Friday April 29th

I know all the white can be a bit much, but it also gives this performance of “Destiny” a Sailor Moon feel that I think works perfectly with the music. Lovelyz maintain the delicacy in their movements while handling more dynamic choreography, which makes their twirls and spins even more enjoyable to watch. The camerawork here also gives us two different perspectives of my favourite move, where the members spiral out into a row.

Got7’s “This Love” (By Shinhwa), Mnet M Countdown, Thursday April 28th

Got7 decided to make lemonade from JB‘s injury-induced absence this week by matching the other six members to Shinhwa’s “This Love.” The performance doesn’t quite come together, but it’s still worth catching this performance just to watch each individual member get into the mood of the song. Bam Bam is cute, but when he smoulders, he smoulders.


Mintty’s “Already Go Lady”, SBS MTV The Show, Tuesday April 26th 

Hellooooo, melanin! This isn’t the best quality, but I like the styling here better than on Music Core. Mintty’s confidence is still the same though; she’s tiny but is never crowded out by her dancers.  I hope that Mintty ups the energy with future performances, but I like what I’m seeing and hearing so far.

Seventeen’s “Pretty U”, Mnet M Countdown, Thursday April 28th

Seoulbeats readers have said that the live performances of “Pretty U” are more memorable than the song itself, and I cannot agree more. The zippy choreo and seamless incorporation of props is making these stages a lot of fun to watch. The black stage here also helped Seventeen and their light outfits stand out more — the pastel-on-pastel effect washed out the Music Bank and Music Core stages.



Block B’s “Toy”, SBS Inkigayo, Sunday May 1st

I am loving Block B’s recent music trajectory. After coming to attention with dance tunes “Nanrina” and “Nillili Mambo”, they approached romance with “Her” and are now planted firmly in relationship territory in “Toy”. This gradual progression has helped ease us into the balladerring tendencies of this new single — it’s something that feels natural, but also new. It also helps that Block B maintains aspects like the short and repeated point move in the chorus,but tone down the silliness to match the subject matter.

Jung Eunji’s “Like the Wind”, MBC Show Champion, Wednesday April 27th

This is literally the only time where I’ve been able to admire a performance in the rain without my heart in my throat, fearing that an idol will slip and injure themselves. Though well-heeled, Eunji keeps her pumps firmly planted as she sings. She sounds beautiful as expected, and the rain-dappled umbrella makes it all look pretty as a picture.


Vixx’s “Dynamite”, KBS Music Bank, Friday April 29th

I think I’m coming around to this song — a good mix of lighthearted and mature, it’s like Vixx has finally found a workable middle ground between their darker and lighter concepts. And now that there is no need to portray either extreme, it really feels like the members are relaxing and having fun with the song. N‘s movements are so soft, so devine… And is that a hint of a smile on Leo‘s face?

Twice’s “Touchdown,” Mnet M Countdown, Thursday April 28th

The ladies of Twice may be lacking in energy here, but I couldn’t not include the superior song of their comeback stages this week!

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