Welcome back Weekly Music Show readers! We’re crossing into April this week, and with a new month comes a new wave of comebacks – Monday alone saw the return of Block B, BtoB, Oh My Girl and Hyosung, with Day6 also joining the mix later on, and music shows saw the live performances of the latter four. In terms of general music show news, Show! Music Core was cancelled due to a basketball game this week, and Music Bank aired on April Fool’s, which meant Park Bo-gum got pranked by his fellow MC Irene on live broadcast. Finally, the 2014-2015 rookies are really dominating, with Got7 earning their first win for “Fly” on The Show, then proceeding the sweep the rest of the awards for the week. Without further ado, here are the standouts of the week!


BtoB’s “Remember That,” SBS Inkigayo, April 3, 2016

BtoB is back with what seems to be the third installment in their ballad series, but this time with a pleasant-sounding song that would remind any listener of spring. As they have proven time and time again with their previous releases, the group’s average vocal skills are impeccable, and “Remember That,” too, features a stable execution by both the vocalists and rappers. In addition, not only is the killer harmony close to the end something that has become a norm in BtoB ballads, the layered vocals, rapping and ad-libs leave a strong impression. The set is also beautifully designed, so props to Inkigayo for that.


Oh My Girl’s “Liar Liar,” Mnet M! Countdown, March 31, 2016

Oh My Girl is back, and it seems like this time they’re here to overwhelm your senses — loud, boisterous song aside, the visual appearances of their stages are also similarly energetic. Their outfits and set are exploding with colour (with the roller-skate-like shoes a cute addition), and combined with the floating confetti and dynamic choreography, their stages are busy to say the least. The camerawork in this performance is also on point, effectively capturing both the members’ micro-expressions and the various formations on a macro level.


Hyosung’s “Find Me,” SBS Inkigayo, April 3, 2016

Hyosung’s stages this week are also similarly visually overwhelming, but in a different way. With a glamorous concept, the heavily decorated outfits and flashing lights, it’s hard to not find such a part eye-catching, regardless of whether you’re a fan or not. Hyosung herself is looking pretty great on stage, in those outfits and with that windy stage effect; furthermore, her solos also do a great job of showing off her dancing skills with detailed choreography.


Day6’s “Letting Go,” Mnet M! Countdown, March 31, 2016

Huzzah! Day6 is finally promoting on music shows, and although I’m not sure if broadcasting stations have changed their policy about no live instrument-playing; at least we can hear the members’ powerful vocals on stage, and their execution on that front certainly doesn’t disappoint. Seeing the members so absorbed in their playing also packs in the emotional punch that the ups and downs of the music conveys, and it’s always enjoyable to watch performers’ passion on stage.


Mad Clown & Dawon’s “Once Again,” KBS Music Bank, April 1, 2016

For fans of the currently airing Descendants of the Sun, Music Bank is here to fuel your love for the drama with live performances of the chart dominating OSTs, and this week it’s “Once Again,” originally by Mad Clown and Kim Na-young, but performed by Mad Clown and Dawon of WJSN. The execution of this song is not only on-point vocals-wise — Dawon should be given props for doing a good job of covering a senior artist — but also in capturing the emotions of the track, with Mad Clown’s passion and Dawon’s longing.


Mamamoo’s “You’re the Best,” SBS The Show, March 29, 2016

Mamamoo never ceases to surprise with their on-stage antics, but they’ve reached a whole new stage of creativity this week with their radish version of “You’re the Best.” As you may know, Mamamoo’s association with radishes went from using radishes as lightsticks, to full-on radish masks worn by fans, so I suppose the group itself has decided to fully embrace that with this stage. “You’re the Best” takes place in a radish field, with the members in radish outfits pushing a cart of radish lightsticks. And if you didn’t think cute, fun and sassy can ever all happen at once on stage, Mamamoo somehow manages to pull it off here.

(YouTube [1][2][3][4], Image via SBS)